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🌸 Cleansing

For a perfect cleansing, wet the face with water before proceeding with the product, the skin will be moist and perfect to benefit from the treatment, with a wet face take a quantity of product equal to a peanut and spread on the face evenly, not forgetting the forehead and neck.

🌸 Exfoliation

Carefully massage the cleanser on the wet face making circles of different sizes to enter all the points of the face around the nose, chin and forehead, you can also touch some points of the face by exerting a little pressure, which will also help relieve the tension, then reheat with lukewarm water.

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🌸 Mask

Take a quantity of product equal to a walnut and spread on the perfectly dry face, the mask must be applied evenly, you can also apply a little pressure or massage it but without letting it completely absorb, then remove it with plenty of water, removing any residue.

🌸 Serum

Just take a few drops of product and deposit it on the palms of your hands, then you have to dab the product on the face until it is completely absorbed by the skin or apply on the face with the help of the fingertips, taking a few drops and tapping with your fingers until the skin will not be completely dry.

🌸 Cream

Gently massage the cream into the skin in small upward circular motions. Pour a small amount on the ring finger and gently pat the cream under the eyes by tapping lightly.

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