5 essential brushes to help you create an outstanding makeup

They come in all shapes and sizes, but which ones are the most needed for your makeup routine? Learn these tips on how to correctly use them.

Brushes are your makeup allies: tools that make better, and sometimes even faster, the final result you want to get for your makeup.

The right brush helps you better spread the product, but above all it helps you to blend it precisely. In fact, not only do they make makeup application easier and faster, but also help to spread the product evenly, obtaining a perfect finish.

There may be individual preferences, but many are really useful to facilitate the application of some products and to make different more or less elaborate makeup.

They are sold both individually and in the form of sets.

Makeup brushes differ in shape, size and materials, and consequently also in their function, but is it necessary to have them all?

Unless you are a professional, it is not necessary that you own an infinite collection of brushes but, if you wish, you can still equip yourself with at least the indispensable ones to make your makeup.

Still not sure which solution is right for you? You can choose a set of eyeshadow brushes to experiment with what is the best shape and size for your needs.

Take a look here:

In fact, there are also sets of brushes available on the market that contain everything you require for your makeup routine.

Each set generally includes a large oval brush recommended for applying powder or highlighter; soft, flat brushes with a slightly rounded tip for applying foundation; Brushes with longer bristles that allow precise contouring and are ideal for blush.

And finally smaller, fluffy brushes that are typically used to apply eyeshadows, while flat angled brushes are used for eyeliner and eyebrows.

How to choose your set

Makeup brushes can be divided into three main categories:

  • face makeup
  • eye makeup
  • lip makeup

It is important that you pick your brushes according to their features that must enclose a series of characteristics.

A valid brush must withstand washing without losing hair or color, so the handle must be solid and well finished, the size of the brushes must be adequate to the type of use you have to make of it.
The quality of the brushes you choose is essential for the success of any makeup, as well as guaranteeing you a tool that will last over time.

The choice of bristles is also essential: natural bristles are perfect for spreading powders, therefore useful for applying blush, bronzer, or powder.

On the contrary, for creamy textures such as a liquid foundation, you will need synthetic bristles.

In order not to make mistakes in your purchase, discover all their features and the characteristics of each of them in this guide.

Each product needs its own brush

Fundamental for makeup are certainly the foundation brushes, concealer, eyeshadow, and powder.

The basic brushes are generally divided into:

  • flat brushes for foundation, flatbuki or kabuki
  • powders brushes
  • concealer brushes
  • eyeshadows brushes
  • eyeliner brushes

Here is a list of brushes considered indispensable and their main features:

1) Foundation brush

The most important phase of makeup is the creation of a perfect base, with a skin as homogeneous as possible and free from imperfections.

When we talk about foundation brush we must assume that there is not a single brush to apply foundation.

The foundation brush is mainly used to evenly apply liquid foundation; There is the wide and flat version, perhaps the most classic, a little flattened, with hard and rigid bristles and is the most suitable for liquid or creamy foundations.

It is used starting from the center of the face outwards ensuring a uniform application. Its shape allows you to reach even the most difficult points and to modulate the quantity of product according to the need.

It is therefore useful to even out and blend the foundation, offering a natural effect without leaving unsightly streaks on the face. A good foundation brush must be wide enough to be able to spread the product quickly all over the face.

Among the various foundation brushes we also find:

  • Flatbuki: compact ideal for mineral and liquid foundations. To be used with small circular movements for a super covering application.
  • Kabuki: dome-shaped brush, rather large with an extremely short handle. Generally used for powder or compact foundation. Its rounded shape and soft bristles allow you to collect the right amount of powdered product and distribute it perfectly ensuring precise application. It is a brush that allows a perfect result, because it manages to apply the product evenly without streaks and is perfect for mousse foundations. After applying the product on the hand, the brush is moved making small rotational movements.

2) Blush brush or bronzer

It is used to apply a product in powder of a pinkish or orange shade in the cheek area. They are specifically designed for applying blush or bronzer on the face and are similar to powder brushes with soft and flexible bristles.

They must be extremely soft to allow a perfect shade and allow the product to be applied evenly to have a natural effect. You take a little quantity, remove the excess amount and pass it on the cheekbones fading upwards.

The bronzer instead should always be applied in small quantities in the area of the temples, on the hollows of the cheekbones and on the jaw with a wide movement, forming a “3”. After blending, it carefully you can finally pass the brush with a light movement also on the forehead and nose, to leave a natural effect on the parts of the face where the sun tans naturally.

Among the makeup brushes that can not miss in your set there are therefore certainly those to be used for all powder products such as: powders, blushes and powder.

The highlighter brush instead must have compact bristles assembled but not too much, to allow you to apply the highlighter on cheekbones, eyes, and nose in order to create a very natural effect.

3) Eye shadow brush

It is a brush structured to properly blend eyeshadows. The bristles are soft and long, not particularly dense, which allow you to perform this function precisely and adequately.

In fact, the brush greatly facilitates the creation of precise and homogeneous shades. The bristles perfectly collect the product and then redistribute it precisely in the chosen area.

Larger and softer eyeshadow brushes with a rounded shape are suitable for filling areas evenly.

Available in different sizes and shapes, they are the right choice for those who want to achieve perfection in makeup and are among the essential accessories for your makeup routine.

4) Concealer brush

Concealer brushes can be of different sizes: round, tapered or cat's tongue, but the essential thing is that they are small to get to the most difficult places.

The concealer brush is in fact a fundamental and indispensable tool as it has a tip suitable for applying the concealer under the eyes and on the imperfections of the skin of the whole face precisely.

It must also have bristles preferably rigid and compact just to increase the coverage of the product thanks to a uniform and targeted application.

5) Brush for eyelashes and eyebrows

It is a very useful tool to shape the eyebrows and to comb the eyelashes after applying mascara, in order to separate them and eliminate any product deposits. The angled version has very dense bristles that allow you to create thin and defined strokes with gel or powder products, and thus create fabulous eyebrows.

Finally, there are some brushes that can have more than one function and therefore be very useful to save money, or brushes that you can easily replace with other tools.

The most classic example is the foundation brush very often replaced by sponges and beauty blenders.

Care and maintenance of brushes

Cleaning brushes is a must: dirty brushes can cause irritation and above all their performance is lost.

It is therefore recommended to wash them after each use, or at least once a week, with neutral soap, taking care to massage them gently until all traces of makeup are removed.

They should then be rinsed thoroughly following the direction of the bristles and left to dry perfectly.

If you want more information on the perfect maintenance and care of your brushes, we invite you to read our guide.


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