Revolution Makeup celebrates 45 years of Grease and does it in style 🎞️

Relive the classic of cinema with this electrifying limited-edition collection: discover the product lineup accessible to everyone.

The Grease X Revolution collaboration aims to recall the nostalgia of the musical and features makeup products inspired by the iconic film: palettes, highlighters, brightly colored blushes and must-have accessories!

Discover all the useful products to recreate the perfect Grease-inspired makeup.

There are few iconic films this one and to celebrate 45 years since the film's release, Revolution has launched a limited edition collection of 12 products ranging from electrifying eyeshadows and classic lip colors to blushes and vibrant accessories.

The limited edition Grease x Revolution collection includes the Hopelessly Devoted Highlighter Palette, the Pink Ladies Shadow Palette and the Frenchy Lipstick, among other products.

This collection captures the essence of the film's vibrant spirit, embracing retro charm and showcasing the limitless freedom of expression that Grease represents.

Revolution continues to give makeup enthusiasts the opportunity to unleash their inner star through colored cosmetics.

Pink Ladies!

Iconic lipsticks inspired by some favorite Grease characters.

The matte, creamy and long-lasting formulas, perfect for any look!

You can choose from three timeless shades:

Lace up your dancing shoes, Grease x Revolution will win you over!

Shape Up Sandy Transformation Set

The perfect set for Sandy fans! This set includes a black eyeliner, a high-impact lash mascara and a highly pigmented red lip gloss for enviable lips.

Revolution *Grease* Palette It's the Word

Unleash your inner Pink Lady with this stunning nine-compartment palette in the shape of the Pink Lady's iconic jacket!

An eyeshadow palette with 18 different shades, ranging from nude colors to the most striking shades, as well as including eyeshadows with matte, metallic, and glitter finishes.

This is a must-have for Grease fans! An eyeshadow palette in the shape of the film's iconic car with 18 different shades, ranging from nude colors to the most striking shades, as well as including eyeshadows with matte, metallic, and glitter finishes.

A mix of creamy mattes like Romantic, Sassy and Feel Good that sit alongside soft shimmers like Indeed, Chills and Groove.

Grease X RevolutionT Birds Shadow Palette

Become an honorary "T Bird" with this gorgeous and versatile palette of 9 different eyeshadow shades.

This palette in the shape of the iconic "T Bird" jacket ranges from purple, brown, gray, or cream tones with both metallic and matte finishes.

Ideal for creating both evening and day looks, to impress at any party.

Add pops of color with purples like Systematic, keep the smoky tone with matte browns like Hydromatic, or sparkle all night long with shades like Automatic!

Revolution *Grease* Palette Hopelessly Devoted

Get ready to shine with this palette of shimmering highlighters.

Four soft, ultra-shimmering formulas that brighten the complexion while offering a beautiful pop of color. You will be madly fond of this quad!

Finish your look with the Pink Ladies look with these creamy blushes and all the accessories to help you recreate a look as faithful to the original as possible.

Two blushes in eye-catching shades that embellish the cheeks with an irresistible pigment, leaving a gorgeous dewy light.

Sandy Melting Blusher Dark Pink Lady: A rosy mauve perfect for fair to medium skin

Rizzo Melting Blusher Pink Lady: A bold fuchsia, perfect for medium to dark skin tones

Rule the School Brush Set: This set includes 5 versatile brushes for applying, blending, and enhancing, 3 eye brushes, and 2 face brushes.

Frosty Palace Sponge Set: Quickly create a flawless base with this set of 3 sponges that will spread and blend your makeup to help you create your best looks!

Each set includes:

  • An egg-shaped sponge, perfect for blending foundation
  • A rectangular sponge, ideal for sculpting and outlining the eye area
  • A flat-cut, oval sponge for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes

Grease's makeup is not just a beauty ritual, but a fascinating journey through time that captures the essence of the iconic film.

As Sandy would say in the epic finale, 'Tell me about it, stud!'

Grease's makeup is more than just a layer of glamour, it's an ode to timeless beauty and the eternal magic of cinema.


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