The world of movie characters meets makeup and skincare

Big brands have created skincare and makeup products inspired by princesses, Disney characters and TV series.

The journey through the worlds of Disney, Fantasy, and TV series begins!

Here you will find a selection of some beauty brands that have been inspired by these themes.

Collections dedicated to Disney Villains, Game of Thrones, fictional animated characters and animated films that have now surpassed princesses and cartoons.

In fact, the makeup of the villains is constantly in contrast to the beauty of the princesses and cartoon heroines.

Princesses that never go out of fashion, as evidenced by the Catrice collection dedicated to the beautiful Disney.

Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and Mulan

Catrice Disney Princess Ariel is a false eyelash effect mascara, black and waterproof. Ideal for those who want voluminous and curved eyelashes.

Heart Revolution X Disney Storybook Palette Cinderella is a duo of book palettes.

On the one hand matte and sparkling eyeshadows, from royal blue shades to teal, from silver to pink; on the other, three pink blushes, peach and light bronze and three illuminating silver, bronze and gold.

Catrice Disney Princess Belle Palette contains 18 highly pigmented eyeshadows that ensure a long-lasting and slightly scented effect.

In the packaging inspired by Disney's Princess Belle you will also find the mirror in which you can admire the matte, sparkling or metallic finishes.

Eyeshadow palettes Catrice Disney Princess Belle  Palette Ombretti

Essence Disney Princess Mulan Eyeshadow is a palette with a matte, metallic, or shimmer finish. The texture is highly pigmented, long-lasting and has a delicate scent. The design and color scheme of the palette are inspired by Disney Princess Mulan.

Mad Beauty Disney Princess Palette offers many possibilities to create looks for both day and evening. Eyeshadows have a matte and glitter effect.

Catrice Disney Princess Ariel with an ultra-fine, velvety and soft texture. Easy to apply and with a delicate fragrance. For unique looks and highlight your personality!

Eyeshadow palettes Catrice Disney Princess Disney Princess Ariel

Makeup Revolution x Coraline

The makeup collection of Makeup Revolution instead is inspired by the dark fantasy horror animated film Coraline, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. All products have in fact packs and colors dedicated to places and characters of the film.

The maxi eye Makeup Revolution Button Eye Palette has a rigid plastic pack in the shape of a button. By turning the lid you will find 18 eyeshadows in shades ranging from pink to blue, from yellow to purple, with some nude touches. The finish of the eyeshadows is matte and shimmer and are formulated to be easy to blend and super pigmented.

Secret Door Palette is a mini palette with a square cardboard packaging containing 9 eyeshadows of different shades between blue and purple, with matte, shimmer and holographic finish. The formula is hyperpigmented and iridescent reflections.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic

In the world of fantasy, Revolution beauty have created a collection for “The School for Good and Evil”.

Two best friends Sophie and Agatha find themselves on opposite sides of an epic battle when they are dragged into an enchanted school where aspiring heroes and villains are trained to protect the balance between good and evil.

Bring together aspiring heroes and villains for the most magical collaboration there is. The School For Good & Evil X Revolution collection is full of enchanting cosmetics to transform your look.

It's time to be the best or the baddest.

It is therefore not surprising that the brand has decided to dedicate an entire collection of makeup, in limited edition, which proposes some bestselling products of the brand, but in a special guise.

The School For Good & Evil x Makeup is a colorless formula with reactive pH that, when applied, creates a personalized lip tint.

Nevers or Evers? You decide with the Spell Book Shadow Palette, 30 shades divided, so you can choose your favorite look. Do you pick the marbled nudes and pinks of the Evers or the deeper, brighter shades of the Nevers?

Not only marketing, but also style and valid formulas

❄️Winter is coming❄️

Inspired by daring queens, the night's watch or a creature beyond the barrier the limited edition collection, Revolution X Game of Thrones!

Revolution Beauty is inspired by the most famous of the TV series “Game of Thrones” an American fantasy television series.

The series tells the struggle for power between noble houses in a world threatened by the arrival of an ice age that awakens dark forces and legendary creatures. Warm and enveloping tones for the palettes. Matte and sparkling shades, with this palette you can make any makeup. The palette is inspired by Khaleesi and his dragons.

Makeup line inspired by Disney villains

Colourpop, Disney and Catrice have switched from a beauty line dedicated to princesses to palettes and cosmetics inspired by movie villains.

Discover the fabulous makeup collection inspired by Disney Villains. Colourpop's packaging is black with fluorescent colors (blue, pink and acid green) that reproduce the stylized drawings of the characters. The villains, who with their unique style, influence makeup and skincare.

Iconic, impactful and unforgettable

The Catrice Disney Villains Cruella eye makeup palette offers so many possibilities to create the most incredible variations of eye makeup.

The new essence x CATRICE makeup collections “Sisterlove Disney Villains is varied and full of interesting products with face and eye palettes, lipsticks, nail products and accessories.

The main characters of essence are Maleficient and Ursula.

Each character is characterized by its own color, especially with regard to lipsticks. Maleficent always wears a deep magenta, Ursula a plum and Cruella an orange coral. Find your color and express your personality with our selection of lipsticks. Catrice was inspired by Cruella Demon, Maleficient and the Queen of Hearts characters.

Discover all the details of the newest collections, explore on Nedysia.


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