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This routine is suitable for those who have very little time and want to use few products but to achieve a look that does not go unnoticed. Also suitable for beginners.

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💄 Concealer

Apply the product directly, with blending with fingertips, blender, or brushes.

💄 Foundation

Apply a small amount of product on your face and spread it evenly using your fingers or a foundation brush. Then apply a powder to fix the product and mattify the complexion.

💄 Eyeshadow

Swipe across lids and blend with fingertips for instant polish. Or create a base with a neutral shade and layer on pops of color for limitless looks.

💄 Mascara

Start at the root of lashes and move the brush from side to side as you gently sweep the wand toward the outer corner of the eye. Be sure to pull the brush through at an angle instead of straight outward. Enhance the side-swept effect by defining the outer corners.

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