Clinique Ddmid Hydrating Jelly + Lines & Wrinkles Concentrate

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Clinique Ddmid Hydrating Jelly + Lines & Wrinkles Concentrate

by Clinique

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  • A first-of-its-kind custom-blend hydrator that hydrates and treats your main skin concern, your way. Combines a hydration base of Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly with Active Cartridge Concentrate for Lines & Wrinkles. Key benefits: - Moisturiser base; Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly delivers 24-hour hydration repair plus pollution protection. Clean Shield Technology locks in the good like moisture and filters out the bad. Strengthens skin's moisture barrier and improves resiliency. - Active Cartridge Concentrate for Lines & Wrinkles; contains Whey Protein to help reduce the look of wrinkles. Smooths lines and re-plumps. - Each dose delivers 90% Hydration Base and 10% Active Cartridge Concentrate, with international patent-pending packaging. - Custom-Blend Chemistry Technology delivers optimised results with every pump by freshly combining the precise dose of concentrated actives and base for the ultimate customised experience.
  • - Unique water-jelly texture feel fresh and sinks in quickly. - Oil-free, non-stick formula leaves no residue. - Skin is smooth, strong and healthy with a pure, clean glow. Skin Type All Skin Types Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Dermatologist-Developed. Non-Acnegenic. Always formulated for maximum results without irritation.

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