JAPONESQUE Kumadori Angled Beauty Sponge

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JAPONESQUE Kumadori Angled Beauty Sponge


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  • VERSATILE MAKEUP SPONGE: Blend foundation or concealer, contour, and more with our professional angled beauty sponge that fit easily into small areas around the nose and eyes.
  • FLAWLESS COMPLEXION: The angled sponge's curved side and rounded bottom bounce and blend to flawlessly smooth liquids, creams and powders, while the flat side is ideal for full coverage application with creams and setting powder.
  • TO USE: Activate the sponge by running the applicator under water, then squeeze out excess moisture. The beauty sponge will double in size. This helps prevent excess absorption of your liquid cosmetics, creating less waste and an airbrushed effect.
  • THE RIGHT SPONGE MATTERS: Super soft, densely packed foam applies cosmetics to creates an airbrushed finish. When activated with water, our beauty sponges absorb minimal product to maximize makeup application and minimize product waste. Can also be used to apply primer and skin care products.
  • JAPONESQUE: Designed with the professional in mind, our cosmetic accessories are precision crafted for the makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts of the world.

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