Whamisa Organic Flowers Water Cream

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Whamisa Organic Flowers Water Cream


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  • ✔ HYDRATION-FOCUSED BASE: This cream's foundation is built on a combination of Rice and Aloe Vera Leaf Extracts, both known for their ability to provide hydration to the skin
  • ✔ REFRESHING AND : A delicate scent that takes the best of herbal and fruity scents, with the sest hint of eucalyptus, is found in this surprisingly yet moisturizing cream to provide your senses with a wave of refreshment
  • ✔ NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Whamisa prides itself on sourcing ingredients that are natural and organic, with this cream being no different. Connect closer with nature through this completely natural and 95.2% organic ingredient profile.
  • ✔ SIGNATURE FERMENTS: Using the power of fermentation, the natural properties of certain ingredients have been enhanced to boost their and nutritional contents. All for your skin.
  • ✔ WHOLLY VEGAN: Uses only plant-derived ingredients from start to end without sacrificing effectiveness

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