Barbie begins her adventure in the real world and summer turns pink

Mattel's iconic plastic doll is ready to leave her dream home and will finally hit the big screen with her first movie.

Barbie is ready to dominate summer 2023: everything is tinged with pink, from hair to makeup, in a word Barbie style.

The project finally got a star of the caliber Margot Robbie, who suggested a version of the heroine dressed in pink that stands out for its subversive character.

Margot is the protagonist of the Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, released in theaters on July 21, which makes for the first time "real" the fantastic world of the most beloved doll of all time.

Discover the world of Barbie 🌸

Barbie was introduced to the market in 1959 by the toy company Mattel and became one of the most famous and best-selling dolls in the world.

The idea for Barbie came from Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, who was inspired by watching her daughters prefer to play with adult dolls rather than traditional dolls of the time. So he thought of creating a doll that represented an adult woman with a proportionate figure and a glamorous lifestyle.

The first Barbie was dressed only in a black-and-white striped swimsuit, with long blonde hair and sophisticated makeup. Since then, a wide range of styles and professions have followed, this flexibility has allowed girls to imagine and interpret a variety of roles and careers.

Pink Revolution: Barbie and her fascinating universe

Over the years, Barbie has become a true style icon.

She wore haute couture clothes created by famous designers such as Christian Dior and Versace, had different accessories, cars, houses and even pets.

Mattel subsequently worked to expand the range of dolls and models, introducing different versions in terms of ethnicity, body shape and professions, trying to be more inclusive and reflect real-world diversity.

Barbie has become a cultural icon, appearing in movies, television series and video games. It has also inspired a wide range of related products, such as books, clothing, accessories, and even a theme park called the "Barbie Dreamhouse Experience".

Look and makeup of the famous Mattel doll are therefore at the center of attention: the pinky and glowy universe of Barbie, with battered tones, dictates the trends of summer 2023. From eye palettes to lipsticks, here is a selection of products for a Barbiecore makeup.

How to create a pink & glowy makeup 🌟

The shades of pink are able to instantly revive the skin, giving a touch of freshness and youth.

Pink is a perfect color to modulate because it works great on cheeks, eyes and lips.

You can choose a softer shade for a delicate look, or a more intense and decisive pink to create a bolder and more impactful look. The glowy effect fully represents the Barbiecore mood, find out how to make it with the right products.

Pixi proposes + Rose Essence Oil, a serum with a high content of active ingredients thanks to which it provides the skin with a truly exclusive care. In fact, thanks to the regenerating properties of the rose, it enjoys nourishing, soothing and moisturizing properties.

Useful to prepare the skin for the application of makeup, moisturizes and nourishes effectively. You can also use it under the day cream.

Revlon proposes the moisturizing and illuminating primer Photoready Rose Glow HYDRATING & ILLUMINATING, a multi-benefit illuminating primer with ultra-light formula with rapid absorption.

Increases radiance and keeps the skin hydrated up to 24h, can be used with or without makeup, for a more natural and glowy effect.

Draping, the beauty trend for radiant cheekbones

The recommended technique to create a Barbie-style beauty look is draping, also known as blush contouring that enhances the natural beauty of the face, sculpting it and emphasizing its features and illuminating it, with the use of blush.

The ideal would be to use a cream blush and gently tap it on the flat part of the cheekbone, thus obtaining a shade with a natural effect.

Finally, a makeup line could not be missing: Nyx launched the limited edition makeup collection Barbie The Movie, in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, to celebrate the release of the movie.

NYX Barbie The Movie: new makeup collection 💄

Nyx and Barbie have teamed up to create a must-have cosmetic kit to pay homage to the most iconic doll of all time.

Bright colors of Barbie's world: discover the limited edition NYX Professional Makeup collection now!

With the NYX Barbie The Movie collection you will really feel like living in Barbieland, in the company of Barbie, Ken and all her friends.

In the midst of this breath all pink, Barbie makeup could not be missing!

The NYX collection, with an all-pink packaging, includes products studied in detail and in true Barbie style: eye palette, lip gloss, lipsticks, eye pencils and false eyelashes, nothing is missing to create the perfect Barbie girl look!

The colors, needless to say, are bright and bold, perfect for creating fun and trendy looks. Among the most interesting proposals of the Barbie makeup collection undoubtedly stand out the palettes: fun, colorful, always in Barbie style.

They contain 6 pigmented eyeshadows and are equipped with a mini Butter Lip Gloss and a mirror, ideal for retouching makeup on the fly.

Among the palettes, you will find:

01 - It's a BARBIE PARTY! With shades of beige cream, apricot and peach with a touch of shimmer fuchsia and a matt dark purple while the gloss inside is an intense pink color.

02 - TURN UP THE KEN-ERGY! A palette with intense and colorful nuances. Inside a mix of dynamic colors such as yellow and blue, lilac shimmer, intense fuchsia and bright gold. In this palette, the matching lipgloss is transparent.

Highlighters NYX Barbie Mini Cheek Palette

Among the new products, you will also find a mini palette of blushes and highlighters: Barbie on the go cheek palette!

A mini palette with two blushes and a highlighter! The shades are vibrant in true Barbie style. Inside you will find 3 compact powders: an intense fuchsia pink blush, a peach blush both opaque and a golden shimmer highlighter.

BARBIE Jumbo Eye Pencil Kit contains multipurpose eye pencils with an iconic color.

Only two shades, a bright pink called Barbie and an electric blue inspired by Ken. If you like this kind of product, you can not miss the new super shimmer illuminating version Nyx Jumbo Multi-Use Highlighter Stick.

To complete your makeup could not miss the false eyelashes BARBIE Jumbo Lash!

Black reusable false eyelashes with tufts of a Barbie pink. These innovative false eyelashes are lightweight and reusable up to 15 times for a Jumbo effect. They are simply applied with the eyeliner glue included in the package and can be reused up to 15 times.

The proposed color is an intense black with pink shades in Barbie style.

Always in shades of pink, you will also find two beautiful liquid lipsticks from the Matte Lip Cream line, BARBIE Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream!: matte velvet effect lipsticks with a special airy texture like a mousse.

They are matte lipsticks with a creamy texture that give the lips a lively color. Very pigmented and give absolute coverage from the first application!

Find the color of your dreams with the two limited edition shades inspired by the new Barbie movie:

01 - Dreamhouse Pink
02 - Perfect Day Pink

If you prefer a more delicate and sophisticated look, you can opt for the beloved NYX gloss butter.

In the collection you will find the iconic limited edition gloss for the Barbie collection. With this new limited edition shade, you will instantly find yourself in Barbie Land.

This beloved gloss has a brilliant texture, with a non-sticky formula, and can be worn at any time of the day, suitable for any look.

Treat yourself to perfect lips with the new Barbie pink shade.

The NYX Barbie The Movie collection also features a BARBIE FLIP PHONE MIRROR handbag, inspired by Barbie's iconic mobile phones! The pack is, of course, pink and contains a limited edition compact double mirror.

If you really can't decide, you can finally buy the VAULT BARBIE DREAM HOUSE, a maxi box that reminds a lot of Barbie's house. This vault is the perfect collector's item for superfans! This limited edition kit includes the entire Barbie The Movie Collection.

Barbie: The shining emblem of determination and ambition, reminds us that there are no limits when it comes to realizing our aspirations.

Choose to be your own version of Barbie and conquer the world with your unique splendor.


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