Latte makeup, the new beauty trend perfect for the summer mood

Defined cheekbones, light shaded eyeshadow and super glossy lips. This is the new beauty obsession inspired by the warm and delicate colors of caffè latte.

Directly from TikTok, there is a new makeup beauty trend that is depopulating. This is the Latte makeup, a warm and tanned makeup look inspired by the latte from which it takes its name.

The makeup includes smokey eyes with warm and caramel tones, with a golden light point in the center of the eyelid, combined with a luminous complexion and nude lips.

Its peculiarity is that it is made precisely with ultra-bright and bronzed colors that make it perfect for summer because it enhances the tan and gives the face an immediate glowy effect.

The whole makeup consists of super defined eyelashes by mascara, natural eyebrows and strictly nude lips. Very easy to make immediately gives a glow suitable especially for summer.

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Are you curious about how to make it?

To replicate the trend you need a palette of nude eyeshadows with warm tones, such as hazelnut or cream, a brown eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, highlighter, a nude lipstick and, if you like, a gloss.

You should prefer eyeshadows and bronzers with a beige or neutral undertone, avoiding those with red pigments inside.

The base, on the other hand, must be natural, and you will have to act exclusively on discolorations and imperfections, with a play of light and shadow obtained thanks to the use of bronzer and earth for a slight contouring, together with the highlighter.

Therefore, to create the base, will be the BB&CC Cream that offer color and SPF protection in a single gesture.

The same goes for the application of the concealer: only strategic points will be applied, such as the corner of the eye or around the nose if there is redness, but without exaggerating.

The eyes are the focus

The eyes remain in the foreground, with monochromatic shades that recall the colors of milk.

You can apply an eyeshadow in shades of brown-hazel all over the eyelid, or you can opt for a brown pencil to blend upwards.

The important thing is to choose the shade of brown that you prefer and that best suits your complexion.

As for the eyelashes can be intensified with a light brown pencil, to be applied on the lower rim and blending well; while the smokey eyes will have caramel tones with a bright touch in the center of the eyelid to make the eyes appear larger.

Finally, you will have to complete the look with mascara that can be a classic black or even brown, the essential thing is that it has a lengthening and defined effect, but without exaggeration.

Strictly nude lips

The lips should be as natural as possible. Latte makeup has a main focus on the eyes, so to maintain a natural effect, the lips must be left as natural as possible.

In this case you can decide whether to use a gloss, a creamy nude lipstick or even a simple lip oil. For a more decisive look you can still define the lips with a creamy pencil of the same color as the lips.

The end result must be almost an extremely natural no-makeup effect. Finally, never forget sunscreen especially in this season. You can tap it on the face before proceeding with makeup or after.

In this way you will avoid not only getting burned, but also the formation of spots and wrinkles.

The best latte-makeup products

The reason for its success is the fact that it is an easy makeup to make and immediately gives the face brightness giving a tanned look.

A mix & match that reworks the idea of nude makeup in favor of a more incisive makeup, designed to sculpt the face and amplify the tan while remaining very natural and light.

Below you can find a selection of must-have products to replicate this trend:

There is no single way to get this trick, so you can indulge yourself with your imagination and create a makeup that best represents you.


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