Elevate your look with the power of makeup focus

Find the perfect makeup to enhance your face shape and the unique proportions of your face. Discover your ideal style!

Makeup can be a powerful ally to emphasize your features and balance the proportions of the face.

Discovering the right style for your face shape can make all the difference. In fact, the shape of your face and the proportions of the face are important factors to consider creating harmonious makeup.

But regardless of the type of face, there are also makeup techniques that serve to highlight your most beautiful features and create a balanced final appearance.

Knowing the techniques that fit your face shape can help you create the perfect look for you.

With the right makeup style, in fact, you can enhance your features and improve the overall appearance of the face. In addition to improving outward appearance, makeup can also help cover up skin problems that can cause insecurity.

Acne or scarring can bring discomfort, however, thanks to the skillful use of makeup, you can cover these imperfections and feel more confident.

The positioning of the eyeshadow, the features of the eyeliner, the angles, and shapes of the eyebrows, the positioning of the blush and the application of the lip pencil, can really make a difference.

Why should you learn this technique?

This technique allows you to learn the guidelines of your face. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, you can choose which ones to apply.

The eyes and lips are the most important focal points because they are the most expressive and communicative, while eyebrows and foundation are secondary elements and should not be so marked as to divert attention from the focal points.

But not only that, makeup can also be a precious ally for those suffering from discoloration or skin spots.

In any case, it is always essential to use high quality products and follow the right application techniques to obtain a natural and lasting result.

As far as makeup is concerned, there are always many things to consider:

  • finding the right foundation for your complexion and skin type
  • change formula and shade with the change of season
  • making a state-of-the-art eyeliner
  • understand how to highlight and contour your face

A question of balance

The balance in makeup is to make sure there is at least one bright texture or shimmer in a predominantly matte look. So, if you have a matte foundation, matte lips, and matte eyeshadow, you can create a balance with a bright blush or highlighter.

Balance in makeup can also be achieved through color or intensity. For example, if you decide to create a total nude look, that is, colors that are very close to the tone of your skin, both on the lips and on the eyes, you will have to use a little blush to give a little color to your complexion.

Or, if you decide to bet on dramatic eye makeup, you will have to opt for a bare lip makeup.

This is not a fixed rule, but it would be advisable, when making makeup, to try to keep a certain balance in the products used. When you find balance and focus, you can guide people's eyes through makeup wherever you want.

How to enhance your strengths

Enhance your look, taking advantage of your strengths and correcting weaknesses with different makeup depending on your characteristics.

The makeup guideline is to never have more than two focal points.

Eyes and lips for example are the most important focal points because they are the most expressive and communicative, while other parts of the face are secondary elements. Some people prefer to accentuate eye makeup rather than lip makeup.

If you want your eyes to be your focus to do so, simply apply a light eyeshadow or a bright finish; The secret to focusing your focus on the eyes is to create a small and strategic detail: the light point.

To create a light point you will have to go and tap a cream-colored eyeshadow, or at least light, in the inner corner of the eye.

You can also use a highlighter, opting for a warm shade if you have an olive or amber complexion or cold if you have fair skin.

Finally, you will have to complete with a quick and easy trick to enlarge the eyes, to be finalized with the application of a lighter concealer near the light point itself.

The technique of the light point makes the contrast with the eyeliner and eyeshadows more vibrant, gives light to the look and highlights it.

How to highlight the eyes

You can also combine this makeup with collected styling or wet effect to catalyze attention on the face and emphasize its visual impact.

The important thing is that when making up your eyes, it would be useful to identify their shape to complete it or correct it if necessary.

One of the best ways to highlight your eyes is to use eyeliner or eye pencil. There are many techniques to frame the eyes in different ways.

If you prefer a natural thing, the eyeliner line must have the same width from the inner to outer corners of the upper eyelid. Making a thin line helps to make eyelashes appear thick, and this technique brings attention to the upper part of the face.

The cat eyeliner technique, on the other hand, gives the illusion that the inner corner lowers slightly and the outer corner rises, thus lengthening the eye.

Instead, by tightlining (applying eyeliner under the base of the eyelashes), you can achieve the appearance of longer, thicker lashes while enhancing the overall beauty of your eyes.

One of the most common mistakes in the application of an eyeliner is the irregular line, this brings attention to that particular or the application of non-symmetrical eyeliner, when the eyeliner does not start at the same point as each eye. This brings asymmetrical eyes, and you lose the balance of the look.

The best technique for eye makeup is to create a lifting effect: the eyeliner below the natural outer corner of the eye lowers it, making it look drooping.

By learning this technique, you will be able to reproduce a beautiful, precise, and intense line, perfectly adapting it to the shape of your eyes.

Color concentration

The technique of color concentration adds drama to a particular facial feature and highlights it very quickly.

Then there is the single concentration. In this case, color is added only to a specific part such as the lips or the double one, accentuating for example lips and eyes.

Understanding which colors and textures are best suited to your face is crucial. Always keep in mind that:

  • lighter colors and shimmer finishes tend to highlight more
  • dark colors and matte finishes can make something appear flat or off

Having too many similar textures can detract from your look, so the secret is to play with the different textures. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, you can choose which ones to apply.

The right products can make a difference

For a perfect makeup, it is important to follow small rules to prevent the makeup from being artificial. Of course, to help achieve this result, various aspects contribute, including the quality of the products used.

In general, for a correct and lasting makeup, it is always essential to prepare the skin first to allow the makeup to adapt better to the face and last a long time.

Enhancing your appearance helps you to know how to orient yourself in the purchase of the right products, to organize your beauty case and your personal kit of brushes and accessories.


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