An invisible trick for a magnetic look in a few seconds

Do you know "Tightlining"? It is a technique capable of intensifying and defining the look with a single product.

Used for decades by many experienced make-up artists in the backstage, this technique is the key to enhancing any eye makeup in an almost invisible way: this is why it is called "invisible eyeliner".

It involves the application of the eyeliner, or black pencil, exclusively in the upper inner rim of the eye, and not on the mobile eyelid, to immediately make our eyelashes appear longer and thicker. Fill the upper inner rim of the eyelid, until you get very close to the eyelash hairline, perfect for those who want to emphasize the look, making it more intense and magnetic, also combined with a smokey-eye.

It is also functional as a nomakeup makeup, precisely because of its imperceptible being, it is a makeup suitable for every look and for every shape of eyes, for a completely natural result.

Sometimes you tend to apply a lot of mascara for an extra volume effect, but you do not always manage to get the desired result, creating a horrendous spider-shaped eyelash effect. The tightlining technique, on the other hand, creates a real optical illusion, making the look more open and bright. In this way, you can use mascara only to define the eyelashes, avoiding weighing them down excessively.

How to make a tightline

First you need to make sure you have a perfectly clean face, eyelashes and hands, it is essential then to have enough time available to make it as you have to proceed step by step and in a delicate way.

The realization is not only in drawing a line in the upper inner rhyme of the eye, but in reality it is a technique that requires maximum attention and precision.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the product, whether it is eyeliner or pencil, must be applied inside the eye under the eyelashes and fill all the spaces between eyelashes and eyelashes. For this reason, it must be applied close to the eyelashes themselves in order to make the hairline appear fuller and open the look to make the eyes seem larger.

The eyelid must be raised gently, keeping your look down you can better see how to apply correctly between the eyelashes and only at this point you can start tracing, perhaps repeating the same procedure several times. The pencil must have a soft texture and the stroke should not be confused with the classic and decisive stroke of the black pencil along the entire upper ciliary rhyme. Tightlining involves the application of a thin black stroke not only between the eyelashes but also in the inner rim of the eye.

Our advice is also to always have a makeup remover at hand to use in case you need to clean up any stains or smudges. If your eyes tend to water, try applying eyeshadow of the same shade over the gel eyeliner as a final step.

Pencil or eyeliner? Both!

Tightlining involves applying the eyeliner to the most sensitive eye area, so to get the best result, you need to make sure you're using the right product. Tear-proof eyeliner and for those with particularly sensitive eyes, there are also hypoallergenic solutions. A waterproof gel eyeliner with a waterproof and pigment-rich formula applied with an eyeliner brush, or gel pencils would be the best products to perform this technique and for a smudge-proof result.

If you decide to use a gel eyeliner with a brush, always make sure that the bristles of your brush are covered with a sufficient amount of pigment. Hold it vertically and gently move the tip towards the upper rhyme by making small pressures, your goal is to make your eyelashes appear fuller. This technique also can cover an area where a normal mascara can not reach, so it is important to keep as close as possible to the hairline of the eyelashes.

If you prefer to use eye pencil, the secret is to choose one that is suitable for the waterline, not too soft but not too hard, as the area where it will be applied is very delicate and that is above all long-lasting.

So if you pick a pencil, it is necessary that it has a series of requirements to achieve a good final result.

Using the eyelash curler before starting helps to separate the eyelashes and add even more definition to the final result. Another technique is to use mascara on the eyelashes before applying the line so that you can see exactly what are the blanks to fill with the eyeliner, but the essential thing is not to forget the mascara at the end.

This technique is not difficult but requires time and accuracy, so if you like try to make it, but if tightlining is not for you or is too annoying, don't do it. Always remember that the makeup must be a cuddle and never a torture.

Finally, to have an optimal result, it is indispensable to take care of your eyelashes. Apply a little castor oil or an eyelash serum before going to bed to keep them thick and healthy.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the tutorial and discover the perfect tightlining technique:


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