Eyeliner and a lot of creativity, let's discover the graphic makeup

Simple or elaborate, it is the trending eye makeup that conquers everyone. What are you waiting for to try it out?

Born in the backstage of fashion shows, it is a simple trick that certainly does not go unnoticed and has quickly become the undisputed protagonist of makeup trends and will also be for the coming seasons.

What is it about?

The classic eyeliner is transformed and thanks to geometric lines it becomes a real work of art. Lines that replace the classic net line, which remains the undisputed queen for an elegant and sober makeup. There are no precise rules for its realization, but you need a good dose of imagination and a steady hand.

To create a graphic liner you can range between geometric shapes, lines, dots or elaborate drawings, the important thing is that it does not go unnoticed.

Graphic eyeliner means mainly a strong and clean line that does not include nuances. It can be stretched towards the outer corner of the eye or structured upwards or combined with a crease makeup cut in order to give depth to the look. The makeup will look like cut from a sharp line drawn above the eyelid.

It is a graphic application technique suitable for every eye and whose final result depends on the type of application, developing through particular lines and shapes both on the eyelid and on the outside of the same.

The graphic eyeliner is a makeup that requires the right products. We have selected for you some of the best eyeliners, colored, or black:

Techniques, right products and a lot of imagination

The key is not to be afraid, mistakes can be remedied and erased. For the realization proceed as follows: prepare the eyelid with a good eye primer, this will facilitate the durability and tightness of the makeup; choose the eyeliner and proceed by step with small decisive strokes. The difficulty of this trick lies precisely in the precision necessary to draw perfect lines and without smudges.

If you do not feel confident enough to proceed freehand, you can resort to the appropriate stickers for eyeliner that will be the basis for the lines to follow.

For a flawless result, a good eyeliner is essential, very pigmented, easy to use and long-lasting. The ideal would be an eyeliner with the marker tip always impregnated with the right amount of product and with the ideal ergonomic shape to use just as if it were a pencil, especially if you are a beginner. Or focus on precise and thin brushes that can facilitate our work. The texture should be light and smooth and quick-drying, to adhere perfectly to the eyelid for a flawless result. The stroke must remain intact and homogeneous for a long time.

The application should take place in a well-lit place and looking straight in front of a mirror, starting from tracing the inner corner of the eye. If you do not want to exaggerate, the ideal would be to simply add a graphic line on the fixed eyelid and follow its shape. The styles available are countless and everyone can choose his own, taking inspiration from the looks performed by the best makeup artists.

An alternative idea is to combine it with a smokey effect with a graphic final result equally impactful but with less rigorous and geometric lines, decidedly more sophisticated with more delicate nuances. The focus of this makeup therefore remains the eyes, enhanced by lines that are not clear but nuanced, as if to dampen everything else.

Not only black, it's time for colors!

Black is definitely the color that goes for the most, but with graphic makeup you can also experiment with different colors, especially with the arrival of summer and if you want a refined look that does not go unnoticed. Exceptional alone or superimposed on an eyeshadow, a pencil of different trendy colors to match your outfits. Dare then with colorful and out of the box looks.

Among the most fashionable graphic makeup, the overliner stands out, and it expands over the whole eyelid, more precisely in the fold. Also in this case it can be combined with smokey eyes or alone so that it dominates the look. Everything can also be embellished with glitter, light points and Swarovski, simply applied with a glue for false eyelashes. The double wing eyeliner, already in fashion in the 60s, is also back in the limelight, a graphic eye makeup that makes the look elongated, intense, and sensual. It can be created in different variations, but the rule is that the eyeliner line is double, joined or not in the final part, creating a design that resembles a pair of wings.


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