Wrinkles: learn and discover all the tips to prevent them

For some they are the traces of experience and wisdom acquired with age, for others they are unbearable imperfections to be contrasted and defeated.

The only certain thing is that they are the sign of the inevitable passage of time that leads to the loss of elasticity, brightness and compactness, also called skin aging.

There is no precise age at which this happens, or rather it is difficult to establish it, as aging can also be caused by numerous factors that tend to speed up this process, such as smoking or sun exposure.

Wrinkles are real furrows, more or less deep, that form on the skin. The part most affected by these imperfections is usually the face, in particular the areas of the eyes, mouth and forehead, being also the most exposed parts.

Knowing wrinkles, how to cure and prevent them

With aging, the skin changes, loses its natural hydration and its fundamental substances tend to deteriorate.

There are four types of wrinkles:

  • Wrinkles or sleep folds that are on the face in the morning as soon as you wake up (but that with advancing age can become permanent and more visible) and are due to the type of position and the pressure of the face on the pillow.
  • Expression wrinkles due instead to the expressions that are assumed and are the result of the continuous contraction of the facial muscles during the mimic expressions (smile or grief). The areas where they tend to develop most are: the sides of the nose, on the forehead, between the eyebrows, on the sides of the eyes, the lip contour. Defined in some cases as “crow's feet”, “barcode” and nasolabial wrinkles (between the mouth and nose).
  • Gravitational wrinkles due to the action of gravity on the skin during the aging phase and the poor production of collagen.
  • And finally there are the actinic wrinkles, those easier to prevent, as they are due to sun exposure.

Stopping the flow of time is impossible, so act in advance

This is the real secret you need to keep in mind: keep your skin always well hydrated and apply the protective cream before sun exposure, simple examples that you need to take into account to take care of your skin and take it to the fullest.

The use of vitamin C, for example, which intervenes directly in the formation of collagen, retinol an important collagen stimulator and all creams that maintain a good level of hydration are basically anti-wrinkle creams for what concerns expression wrinkles.

A very significant role is played by the hydrolipidic film that keeps the stratum corneum hydrated, composed of water and fats that is above the skin and keeps it hydrated through the sebaceous glands that produce fats together with water to form a barrier that prevents subcutaneous water from evaporating outside.

To keep your hydrolipidic barrier healthy, every day you also need to introduce about two and a half liters of water, an amount equal to what you normally eliminate through urine, sweat, and breathing.

To moisturize the skin at its best, it is therefore essential to act both internally and externally: it is not enough just to drink to improve your skin hydration, but it is also critical to intervene topically, applying substances capable of binding and maintaining water on the skin surface.

Moisturizing the skin is therefore important to counteract skin aging, and doing it in the correct way is essential for hydration to be really effective.


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