Benefits and products to use for a perfect double cleansing

The idea of double cleansing may seem excessive for a beauty routine, but the results pay off for the effort.

Dedicating a few more minutes to skin care has its advantages

Double cleansing is a Korean skincare technique and consists of cleansing the face with two cleansers: an oily one (acts by affinity) and a foaming one (acts by contrast).

The first step therefore involves the use of an oil, a detergent or an oil-based balm that must be applied to dry skin by massaging for a minute. In front of a waterproof makeup you will have to insist a little more especially in the eye area (for example on mascara).

This type of cleansing is called “affinity cleansing” and is based on the principle that the oil is able to bind to fats and therefore dissolve them, eliminating them from the face.

After applying the oily cleanser you move on to the second foaming detergent containing surfactants that then allow the water to bind with the fatty part capable of capturing excess sebum and impurities, and which must be massaged on the face together with the previously applied detergent in order to mix the two products.

The secret is to massage the skin with circular movements, adding warm water to emulsify and, at the end, rinse everything. The ideal would always be not to simply rinse the face, but to use a microfiber or cotton pads to remove dirt and detergent in a single gesture.

Since it is a rather deep and longer cleaning, it would be advisable to do it exclusively in the evening or when you have more time.

Double cleansing is useful for all skin types, using the right products and formulas

Those with dry skin must opt for delicate detergents that do not remove its natural oils: you can therefore choose ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba or natural oils.

Oily skin, on the other hand, needs anti-inflammatory ingredients, while combination skin will benefit from a rebalancing cleanser.

If you have ultra sensitive skin, you should opt for an oil-based cleanser or mild cleansing product, possibly with fragrance-free formulas.

Double cleansing can also improve the effectiveness of other skin care products later, especially in the evening, helping them to penetrate better into the skin.

In the case of absolute laziness, you can also opt for foaming textures or ready-to-use mousses, avoiding affinity cleansing. In this case, the surfactants present in this type of facial cleansers will bind to dirt and will be eliminated through rinsing.

How important is the microfiber cloth in cleansing?

Whether it's a microfiber cloth rather than reusable cotton pads, the difference is felt and seen on the skin.

They are designed to clean it also reducing the environmental impact, delicate and suitable for all skin types, they are an eco-conscious alternative to cotton balls and with their super-soft fibers they gently remove any impurities and products. They are also great for removing cream face masks!

A real revolution that allows you to do well for the environment as well as for your wallet.

Also in this case, as for brushes, hygiene is fundamental, for this reason even microfiber cloth or pads must always be kept very clean. After eliminating all traces of makeup and impurities, wash thoroughly with a neutral soap and let it air dry.


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