The eyebrow care for a deep and defined look

Thick, defined, perfectly drawn or disheveled. From shape to color, every detail of the eyebrows is important.

They are the frame of our look, the eyebrows have the ability to change not only the makeup, but also the look and the face, so it is important to take care of them.

Whether they are defined and in perfect order or not, they are now one of the most popular trends.

There is no brand that does not have in its range a pencil, a mascara or a gel to define and draw the eyebrows to get a perfectly framed look.

Obviously, the style of the eyebrows must always be adapted to the individual person, even if the styles change according to the trends of the moment.

Over the years, we've gone from thin eyebrows to thick and defined ones. Trends are always many and evolving.

Soap brows: how to make them

Soap brows, for example, are eyebrows disheveled upwards and fixed with soap, waxes or gels. Making them is very simple: you need a brush and a solid soap; taking a small amount of soap and fixing the eyebrows while continuing to comb them upwards and outwards.

Define and sculpt every single hair to achieve an impeccable effect, the eyebrows will appear combed to perfection and will hold for many hours.

If the soap is not for you, and you would like a more practical and faster way, the alternative on the market exists: they are transparent eyebrow gels. With the help of a practical brush, you will be able to achieve the same result.

Very important is also the choice of products to be used to create a simple, natural and easily replicable makeup in a few steps.

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Thickening is the key

Thick eyebrows should be combed so that the look is well-groomed, and excess hair (outside the design of the eyebrows) must be eliminated to ensure harmony to the face. They also need hydration, with the eyebrow serums or natural oils based on keratin or argan oil to be applied to obtain hydration and nourishment.


Lamination is a semi-permanent keratin treatment to have an intense look effortlessly. Ideal for those who aim to adjust asymmetries, cover holes or simply love them thicker and fuller, or need to shape their eyebrows.

The treatment is carried out by professionals who draw, set and dye eyebrow hair. The end result is full, thick, defined and voluminous eyebrows with a much longer duration.

The right shape

The first thing to understand and from which you need to start is the shape of your face. In fact, each face corresponds to its shape. Then you have to give the right thickness, height, projection, color and symmetry.

It is important to be able to identify the shape that best suits your features in order to always highlight the look.

There are many shapes: straight without the arch, rounded without a real arch, arched or at a soft or sharp angle.

The advice is to always draw them with small and not too marked strokes following the natural direction of the hair, starting from the central part and continuing to the tail.

To be able to find the right shape, it is necessary to start from the outermost end of the nostril, and draw an imaginary oblique line that reaches the outermost part of the eyebrow arch; that point is where your eyebrow must end.

To understand where it begins, however, always start from the nostril and draw a straight line to the inner part of the arch; While, the highest point is calculated starting from the end of the nostril and drawing a line that arrives in front of the outer part of the iris. These obtained lines will determine the point where the eyebrow must begin and end.

Mistakes to be avoided

There are few precautions to be taken. The important thing is not to distort your natural eyebrows by completely changing their shape, never overdo it with tweezers and think that they must be completely identical. So don't stress yourself if they're a bit irregular or hard to keep tidy, it's completely normal.

If your eyebrows are not as full as you would like, you can always rely on a good eyebrow pencil. Always make sure that the product you choose is the right color, whether it is a pencil, powder or gel.

A common mistake is not knowing where the eyebrows should start, arch and end. To determine where the inner eyebrow arch should end, you need to keep a pencil vertically in front of your face: if you want the eyebrows to be far apart, you need to align so that they touch the outermost part of the nose and the inside of the eye. If you want them closer, you have to align the edge with one side of your nose.


After taking care of them, arranging and finding the right shape, it's time to move on to the makeup. Let's see in detail how to thicken the eyebrows with the help of the makeup.

There are several methods of filling and making up eyebrows with different techniques and products, but the ones that go for the most are essentially three:

  • Hairstroke technique: with this technique, you will have to trace individual hairs in the sparse areas, recreating and simulating natural hairs. To do this, you can rely on a well-pointed pencil of the same color (or a lower shade) as your eyebrows. After tracing individual hairs in the sparse areas, you need to blend them in order to make the result more natural. A very convenient product that saves you from drawing them individually hair by hair is the microblading pen that thanks to its trident tip will help you simulate hair more easily.
  • Pencil technique: in this case you need a specific pencil for eyebrows that are not too pointed wide and round. The color must always be similar to your eyebrows or lighter. After drawing the stroke for the entire arch, as if it were an eyeshadow, in the area that has holes, you will then have to blur the stroke in order to make the result more natural. Finally, if you want to apply a wax, a gel or a fixing mascara for eyebrows to improve the seal and extend its duration.
  • Eyeshadow Technique: You can find useful eyebrow kits and palettes that suit your needs. Equipped with mirror, tweezers, brush, precision brush and eyeshadows of every shade with which you can fill the sparse areas with a simple color pass. Eyeshadow is very convenient to fill the areas where hair is missing in a natural way, without having to draw it.

The final advice is to take care of your eyebrows, always check the regrowth of new hairs and keep the eyebrow arch in order, finally comb the eyebrows to keep them in order all day!


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