Do you know the secret of beauty? It's called constancy

How important is constancy in beauty routines? Fundamental! Find out how to be consistent in your routines and get effective results.

In recent years the world of cosmetics has evolved, thanks to the increase of products with natural ingredients, excellent INCI and paraben-free, it is now even easier to devote yourself to skincare and the care of your body.

There is more awareness and concreteness in the products you buy. The choice falls, most of the time, on specific products and not taken randomly or in a hurry.

The relationship between constancy and your goals

As well as a mascara, lipstick or foundation, you need to choose the product that best suits your skin type.

Beauty products (whether they are makeup or not) should be picked according to specific criteria, according to your needs and your skin type, and only thanks to constant use can they lead to results.

Constancy is therefore fundamental to obtain concrete results, trying a new product once or twice and expect to see immediate results is practically a utopia.

The best way to see the first changes to your skin is to consistently apply the appropriate products, day after day, without ever skipping your beauty routine. It's tiring, maybe challenging, but once you start to see the first results, it all gets a lot easier to maintain your skincare routine.

To help you be consistent it is necessary that you set yourself precise goals: once you have decided your goal, the only real secret is you, as you are the only person who can help you achieve it with the right products.

How to choose products for a good skincare

The facial skincare routine includes three main steps:

  • cleansing (with a soap, gel, mousse, followed by cleansing milk, makeup remover)
  • hydration (serum, moisturizer or lotion, face oil)
  • protection (a sunscreen or makeup product with SPF).

In addition to daily skincare, more treatments such as scrubs, boosters, or masks can also be included during the week.
Taking care of your skin will not only prevent premature aging, but you can prevent many skin problems such as redness, blemishes and chronic dryness.

First fundamental rule

Cleansing products should be chosen according to the type and needs of your skin.

Picking the right facial cleansers is very important: soap and water, in fact, are not enough to remove smog and makeup, but they could also ruin the pH of the skin.

There are a lot of facial cleansers available: formulations are essential, but following the right steps for facial cleansing is even more critical to get a clean face every day.

What does facial cleansing mean?

To achieve a bright and uniform skin, it is necessary to resort to facial cleansing, but often this ritual is not taken into proper consideration. The reasons can be many: sometimes you do not have the opportunity to go to a beauty center, or, for those who love DIY, the time available and the lack of constancy may be lost. The risk is therefore to spend too much time between one facial cleansing and the other is high, and in this way you end up losing the efforts made.

Facial cleansing generally means more than just daily cleansing done morning and night before going to bed. It is a slightly deeper cleansing that allows you to eliminate especially dead cells, impurities, and the effects of pollutants to which the skin is constantly exposed every day.

Facial cleansing according to skin type

Let's start by saying that, to understand how to proceed, you need to know if the skin to be treated is dry, mixed, normal, or oily.

  • Dry skin

Dry skin, as the term itself says, needs hydration. In this case, it is good to avoid too aggressive scrubs, preferring masks and oil-based soothing products to hydrate the dermis. The wrong product can cause irritation or can lead to the formation of small scales. In general, if you have this type of skin, it is necessary to use alcohol-free products, because alcohol can further dry out the epidermis.

  • Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin becomes easily irritated and should be treated with special care and caution. It is good to use a mild cleansing milk to clean the face or a fluid with soothing ingredients. Cleansing must always be suitable for the time of year, in winter in fact sensitive skin is even more delicate and therefore deserves more attention.

  • Combination skin

Combination skin is the combined combination of two types of epidermis, so you may have part of the face dry but the T zone (forehead - nose - chin) oily. Combination skin is usually uneven to the touch, oily with enlarged pores / impurities, and it should therefore be treated constantly by doing a deep cleansing and exfoliating gently, nourishing it with light products so as not to weigh down the epidermis.


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