The Mandalorian 3: Mando and Grogu together again on new adventures 🪐

From the distant planets and galaxies of the Star Wars universe, even the makeup becomes galactic!

The third season of The Mandalorian has begun and picks up from the season two finale, where Luke Skywalker rescues Mando from a platoon of dark troopers and takes Grogu away to educate him.

The beauty world responds to the new release with stellar makeup collections, unleash your inner light or discover your dark side with makeup inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy.

The makeup artist Pat McGrath has created a new makeup collection dedicated to the Star Wars saga, a perfect combination between the “Mother of make up” Pat McGrath and the world of Star Wars, with her characters!

It is not the first time that the brand proposes a collaboration with Star Wars, in fact the new collection comes three years after the previous Pat McGrath X Star Wars collection The Rise of Skywalker and is ready to conquer the hearts of all fans of makeup and the most famous saga in the galaxy.

PAT McGRATH X Star Wars 🌌

The new Pat McGrath makeup collection is particularly rich in products with a wide choice of eye palettes, single eyeshadows, but also colored mascaras and lip products.

An irresistible makeup for all fans!

“I'm excited about our second collaboration with Star Wars. It celebrates characters who represent the light side and the dark side, finding that electrifying balance between two opposing forces. I'm obsessed, inspired and fascinated by the innovative vibrancy of R2-D2, the infamous noir of Darth Vader and the golden glamour of C-3PO”, says Pat McGrath.

Let's start the roundup of its products with the Mothership VI Midnight Sun palette!

It is the most loved of the brand, with its contrast of nude colors and original nuances such as jade green, purple and golden orange.

In the outer packaging you can see all the most famous characters of the saga, such as: Han Solo, Princess Leia and Master Yoda.

The 10 shades that make up the super pigmented and silky palette are:

  • Skinshow Moon Glow, ice pink shimmer
  • Bronze Eclipse, gilded bronze color, shimmer finish
  • Vermillion Venom, dark vermilion red with brown base, matte
  • Blood Moon 005, flaming red-orange with golden reflections
  • Jubilee, golden shimmer champagne, can also be used as a wet & dry top coat
  • Xtreme Dusk, dark brown mat
  • Taboo, taupe color pink mat
  • Wicked Envy, jade green with gold and silver reflections, shimmer
  • Blitz Violet Orchid, violet orchid with silver reflections, shimmer
  • Astral Solstice, platinum color, can also be used as wet & dry top coat

The collection also includes other eye palettes, this time in a version with 5 eyeshadows.

Each palette is dedicated to a specific character in the saga and faithfully reports its mood and colors.

Divine Droid is the palette with cold tones dedicated to R2-D2, Sith Seduction the palette with the most intense colors dedicated to the Sith and The Golden One, a palette with warm and golden tones dedicated to C-3PO.

But the collection doesn't end there. Products also include the DARK STAR Mascara Star Wars Edition and Star Wars DARK STAR Colour Blitz Mascara Trio, which combines Pat's original DARK STAR Mascara – a luxuriously creamy gel-hybrid formula – with the brilliance of Colour Blitz, offering hypnotic length and maximum volume in a heavenly hypercolour.

Also completing the Pat McGrath X Star Wars collection are the Gloss Star Wars Edition with an oil-enriched formula that combines a soft, balm-like texture with the shine of a gloss and the “ChromaLuxe Artistry Pigment Star Wars Edition”, eyeshadows that offer sensual shades that illuminate the eyelids with a dazzling color and a metallic finish, now featured in four seductive singles featuring legendary brightness and powerful pigments.

“What better way to elevate the force of your artistry with powerful pigments, ultra-creamy textures and luminous metallic finishes? Whether you sweep it on with a brush or pat it on with your fingers, it adds such iconic to lustre to eyes and lips – it’s beyond!”, says Pat.

The Star Wars and ColourPop! 💫

The Colourpop brand, already known for its affordable prices and now famous collaborations based on social trends and Disney characters, has created an entire collection of cosmetics dedicated to The Mandalorian.

After the success of its Baby Yoda-themed eyeshadow palette, the brand has expanded with other products to a whole collection of makeup.

The collection includes:

  • The rescue lux lip oil kit, a duo of lip oils: a light shade with a cool tone called Grogu and a rust red called Din Djarin; comfortable lip gloss with a high-shine formula that moisturizes and nourishes your lips. Equipped with an applicator to dispense the perfect amount of gloss in a single pass.
  • Cutest in the Galaxy Makeup Bag, the cutest pocket in the galaxy!
  • The Child Hand Mirror, a very nice mirror with the design of The Child to retouch your look on every occasion.
  • The Mandalorian Pressed Powder Palette, with 9 compartments with saturated neutrals and rich earth tones in matte, spark matte and sparkling metallic finishes.
  • The Child Pressed Powder Palette, with a mix of colors including sage, olive, gold and neutral tones in a range of finishes ranging from matte to metallic to our iconic Super Shock formula.

The palettes include neutral tones and rich earth tones, as well as shimmering and metallic finishes and the graphics will be inspired by the characters The Mandalorian and The Child, also known as Baby Yoda or Grogu.

These are versatile eyeshadow palettes and ideal for creating countless looks both everyday and for the most elegant ones.

Transport all your looks to another galaxy and discover all the other products and accessories dedicated to the most famous stellar saga of all time, take a look here:


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