Lip care: everything you need to know

Just as your skin care changes over time, your lips need different care depending on the season and the condition of your skin.

Take care of your lips, and you will see satisfactory results

For one reason or another, lip care is never considered as much as it should be.

Environmental factors, lifestyle, and sensitive skin of our lips can be altered at different times of the year. In particular, temperature changes in winter and summer can compromise the skin barrier with UV damage that accelerates the signs of aging in this area.

In fact, since the lips do not have sebaceous glands, they cannot provide additional moisture to protect the surface from harsh winters and changes in humidity, this is what causes a greater loss of water that leads to dryness and the consequent altered skin barrier that can mean cracking of the skin.

Damage occurs when keratin in the upper layer of the skin begins to lose its elasticity, leading to dryness and cracking.

Each lip is different in its needs, the common needs are hydration, volume and barrier repair, although volume may be more of an aesthetic desire, perfect hydration is vital for healthy lips.

An ideal routine for the care of your lips would be to use a moisturizing lip balm and, when necessary, try to gently exfoliate the lips using a targeted product (such as a lip scrub) and the application of with a restorative balm, to be used even at night.

Take a look at these products for soft and hydrated lips:

As for hydration, you can choose a product that is quick and easy to apply and that can be carried around in your pocket or bag. Where required, you also need a lip balm that not only hydrates but that with SPF, it will also help reduce the risk of sun damage and herpes-type problems, because even if you are not on the ski slopes, the SPF on the lips is important, as it is for your skin.

Lip scrubs (in paste or sticks rich in salt or large or fine granules) are used to exfoliate and eliminate roughness. These tools are essential, especially in winter, when you are exposed to cold and wind.

It is also possible to prepare DIY scrubs with a few ingredients usually available at home (with sugar and honey, for example).

What are the ingredients you need to look for in a lip product?

Among the most used ingredients in lip balms are: castor oil and hemp seed oil, petroleum jelly, shea butter / cocoa butter, humectants such as honey. Vitamin E is also present for its antioxidant effects and mineral products for sunscreen such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

It is always better to prefer natural ingredients, also given that the area in which we apply them. Although there are no specific ingredients to avoid, excessively fragrant products are always not recommended.

It is also important to remember that everyone's skin is different, so you should always choose the product that works best for your skin.

One person's favorite lip balm may not fit another person's skin, so try different options until you find the best solution for your needs.


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