Mismatched nails, the trend for this summer

Discover all the trendy colors for your nails and why they become so popular. Lots of ideas and inspirations for your colorful summer.

Cheerful, fun and colorful

It's the mismatched nail art, nails with different shades but in tune with each other, perfect even for beginners and on short nails!

Summer always puts a lot of desire for color and fantasy. Choosing which shade to use is always difficult, and you would want to put them all, so why not do it?

Here comes the mismatched manicure, many colors but with a glamorous result whose coolest inspirations come mainly from Instagram. So whether it is solid color or associated with the predominant color, it can be the perfect match even with the shades of your outfit.

If you want, you can also opt for a monotonous matte if you love unmatched nails but want something more sophisticated. Pick different shades of the same color and add a matte top coat to achieve a velvet effect.

If you really want to push it further, you can do the mismatched hands by picking a color on the right hand and a different color on the left.

Summer 2022, the trendy colors

In summer, you can get out of the box and everything is allowed, it is the perfect season to experiment if you want to revive your nail look.

Whether it is in shades of green, pink, blue, or orange, it does not matter. The only thing to focus on is the color that remains the absolute protagonist of the manicure summer 2022.

Fluorescent shades such as fuchsia, light blue, green, orange, yellow with pastel nuances are the preferred option for this summer, lively and sparkling: perfect both with single-color manicures and to create rainbow effect manicures.

To highlight its brilliance, it is always recommended to use a topcoat in order to add a glossy finish that enhances the colored tips even more.

French manicure, but colorful

The French manicure returns in a revisited version. In this case the classic white is decorated with colored and contrasting profiles creating dynamism, curves and colored lines on the surface of the nail, forming a colorful vortex with all the rainbow colors.

We therefore welcome original and colorful ideas.

Milk-bath nails: the new nude

If you do not like color and want to opt for a more sober and less flashy look, among the manicure proposals of the summer you will also find the Milk-bath Nails: that is the new milky-colored nude that lets you glimpse the nail for a simple and fresh look. Minimal nail art refined, elegant and delicate, it is the ideal choice for those who do not like too whimsical and colorful styles.

Going with the classics, you are never wrong. They are a must, they are good for everyone and in summer they also highlight the tan, as well as matching any outfit.

So as well as the nude also the pastel colors will be the protagonists, they are certainly not a novelty and are always reconfirmed. Also, this year, in addition to the monochrome manicures dedicated to very peri purple, Pantone color of 2022, pastel nail art meets the combinations in palettes.

The most important thing is to find inspiration for your nails and proceed with the manicure that best suits your mood. You have endless types of nail art to choose from, the limit is only your imagination.


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