The 2022 trendy color is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri

Chosen by Pantone Color Institute as the color of the year, a new blue shade infused with red and purple that will bring a bit of a good mood.

Its name is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, a new blue shade infused with red and purple, almost lilac-like, with a lively and joyful air, created for the first time in history and chosen by Pantone Color Institute. The institute that catalogs colors according to codes recognized worldwide and able to influence purchases in different sectors, such as fashion, furniture and graphic design.

The starting color is precisely blue, specifically the periwinkle blue that takes the color of the homonymous flower, of a light blue-violet at times grayish, but at the same time has a purple-red undertone and, like all colors tending to blue in the field of chromotherapy, the color of tranquility is defined, able to fight anxiety and stress and transmitting feelings of serenity and relaxation.

The color has already been cleared by Lady Gaga who during the London premiere of House of Gucci also challenged the ancient popular belief that considers purple taboo for many artists, definitively launching the trend, starting from the dress up to the intense eye makeup and with glittery purple shades.

Trending also in makeup

It is a cold color, but it can be combined with both warm shades to make the most of amber and golden and cold complexions to enhance cold and pinkish complexions and also depending on the final effect we want to achieve.

We all want to experiment, and so why not start with makeup?

Purple is a cold undertone color with a blue base and its shades are perfect for light skin, dark hair and green or blue eyes, illuminating and highlighting them, but they can make even the darkest eyes magnetic and intense.

The purple on the eyes can give a beautiful effect, also because you can get many shades and bring both day and night, changing only a few small details. If you have brown eyes and want purple makeup, you can match this color with a pink eyeshadow, while if you have them blue, you can add a hint of blue. It is a magnetic and lively color, but that, unfortunately, is not always easy to use and find in the shade that best suits us. The choice of purple shade can also be made depending on the type of complexion. If you have an olive skin and a yellow undertone, you should avoid for example the lighter shades such as lilac, while if you want a nice deep purple, prefer satin textures. Even a full-color smokey eyes is an excellent alternative: combining purple with tone-on-tone color gradations emphasizes green and hazelnut eyes. For a more sophisticated look even with more decisive colors such as dark gray or intense blue, or you can combine it with black and brown for a more traditional look.

And if you really want a truly original effect you can make an intense and matte smokey eyes making it original with a touch of purple mascara. If you prefer a very strong evening makeup you can combine it with gray or silver or show it off with a reverse eyeliner (eye makeup on the contrary). You can consider using purple also as an eyeliner using a very pigmented pencil, a little shaded eyeshadow under the lower rhyme combined with a neutral tone on the upper eyelid, or, to give greater prominence to the eyes with a smokey effect, with a light veil on both the upper and lower eyelid, also suitable for day makeup. Alternatively, you can apply purple eyeliner, even just in the lower part of the eye, to give intensity to the look.

Eyeliner to create defined lines for graphic looks

If, on the other hand, you do not even consider the idea of being able to use it alone, among the combinations that can be made, there are many valid alternatives, you just have to proceed in moderation: opt for small details and limited areas of the eye in order to make the final makeup as harmonious as possible.

If you do not want to experiment with anything new or eccentric, but would like to give only a small touch of originality you can opt for a minimum use by coloring only the inner or outer corner, keeping the rest of the look neutral but bright, fading the eyelid with a color like vanilla or champagne for a soft makeup or tones closer to lilac or mauve.
To avoid making mistakes, especially if you are a beginner with this color, you can also use purple as a simple detail and not as a full color, combined with more neutral colors such as taupe or blue, colors with which to dampen just the shade, also combining these cold colors you will get a lively look.

The trick is always to proceed step by step with the shades to be combined, using a lighter and brighter color at the beginning of the eyelid and then ending in the center and towards the end with purple / lilac, such as with a hazelnut color on the upper fold of the eye and the final part or a bronze-pink eyeshadow.

It is essential to calibrate the intensity of the color to modulate it to obtain a more or decisive effect. If it's your first time, our advice is to proceed step by step, layering the color a little at a time, until you get the desired result.

For bold looks, dare with purple even on the lips

The ideal to not have an exaggerated effect would be to create a delicate nude makeup with a decidedly eye-catching lip makeup made with a matte lipstick and a lip pencil of the same or slightly different color.

If your complexion is clear, you can bet on a wine or burgundy colored lipstick. Otherwise, if you have already exaggerated with eye makeup, you will have to focus on a nude or slightly pinkish lip makeup to create the right harmony; if instead you have given only an original touch you can focus on shades such as lilac or mauve.

The Very Peri color will be the protagonist not only in makeup, but also in manicure. For nail lovers, in fact, you can indulge yourself with colored nails also creating a swirl nail art, combining different shades of purple, or creating asymmetrical and wavy designs, geometric, or lines that give a touch of elegance to the nails.

So whether they are solid color, degradè, glittery or not, the shade “Very Peri” will also be the protagonist in nail art. So the colors of the sea, the sky and all the shades of blue will be the protagonists on our hands also leading us to an unbridled desire for summer.

We therefore hope that Very Peri will bring with it energy, positivity, but also good mood.


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