Skincare trends that will take over in 2022

Products formulated with special ingredients and hi-tech that make your skincare routine smarter: here's what should not be missing in your beauty case.

New year, new life and good old resolutions?

Usually it happens that the good intentions for the new year are the same as those set in the previous year and that we have not completed, perhaps for factors not dependent on our will and over which we have no control.

The beginning and the end of a new year inevitably mark a moment in which we take stock and try to understand what are the objectives we propose for the year just arrived.

The ideal would be to draw up a list: thinking about the future allows us to focus on the small or big changes we would like to see in our lives. The list helps to keep in mind what these goals are and maybe put them in order of priority.

Achieving them can also help self-esteem; once the goal is reached, we have the satisfaction of the conquest.

Even in the field of beauty, a bit like for fashion, knowing what we are going to encounter helps us to make informed choices. Novelties, research, eco-sustainability are factors that will inevitably influence our choices.

So let's see what awaits us: all the trends and news

Trends on makeup come and go, but a bright and healthy skin never goes out of fashion; so the goal even in 2022, will be to obtain a bright and natural-looking skin by opting for a simple routine with nourishing and illuminating ingredients, such as propolis and the now consolidated hyaluronic acid.

Road that leads to a Skin kindness: kindness yes, not only for the skin with less aggressive and delicate products, but also towards the sustainable future, for us and for our planet that we are putting to the test. The awareness of having a greater attention to self-care and well-being and an unbridled desire to find joy and serenity, I would say the latter as never before.


Always listen to each other, plan the indispensable, optimize your energies and give yourself priorities.

Always listen to each other because our well-being must always be put in the first place and, where possible, we must listen and satisfy our needs; plan the indispensable so as not to overload our energies, especially in this historical period that we are facing, optimizing them and giving ourselves priorities to be respected.

As already anticipated, there is a greater awareness, also in relation to the environment and the climate crisis, in fact in 2022 there will be a greater consumption of more vegan eco-friendly products and also packaging will be increasingly sustainable. In fact, it seems that the beauty market is also abandoning disposable fabric masks, moving more towards washable masks with a low environmental impact.

The demand for home and high-tech beauty devices, such as integral LED masks and ultrasonic detergents, has also increased, a trend also due to the period we are experiencing.

From Kombucha to Russian Beauty

In 2022 there will be many more skin treatments based on retinol, a natural anti-aging ingredient with regenerating properties, and unexpected discoveries about plant extracts that reveal beneficial properties, such as red onion. Rich in vitamin C and sulfur useful in the regeneration of the skin and a valid help especially in an unprecedented condition: forced confinement, stress and improper nutrition. Currently, in fact, inflammation of the skin is one of the main concerns, also due to an excessive and forced use of masks.

The red onion, already introduced by the consolidated K-beauty, adds to the new trend of fermented tea and kombucha. The essence of Kombucha with antioxidant power together with fermented tea, according to experts, protects against free radical damage. In fermentation, a number of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits are recognized: fermentation releases enzymes that are able to penetrate better into the skin, providing powerful ingredients in its structure, and also promotes the growth of bacteria such as lactic acid that acts as a natural preservative. These bacteria will therefore only increase the shelf life of the formulations, also attracting the consumer, who will be oriented towards an eco-sustainable choice.

It must also be said that what we will see in the future (already present for years in some products), will be nothing more than the union between modern science and the wisdom that our ancestors already knew, confirming their theories.

Among the novelties of 2022 there is also the Russian Beauty, remained a bit in the shadows in the Western world, which boasts among its characteristics the inspiration of natural ingredients. The Russians make excessive use of Siberian herbs and plant extracts, natural ingredients that have a very specific purpose.

Cornflower, for example, is commonly used for the eye contour area as it is known for its moisturizing and deflating properties. So the advice is to keep an eye on the brands that will be based on this type of natural ingredients.

Among the novelties in the makeup field, the BB Glow or semi-permanent foundation, born in South Korea, is also making its way, a semi-permanent treatment that promises an impeccable complexion, the right compromise between skincare and makeup with a subjective duration that also varies from the type of skin.

Finally, at the borders of reality, inspired by the soldiers of Star Wars, we have the LED light mask, the LED light therapy built, it is said, to stimulate the production of collagen and kill the bacteria that cause rashes using simple LEDs, then the light.

It is known that sunlight in excessive exposure can create damage to the skin but not the colored and UV-free one like that of LEDs, to which beneficial properties are attributed.

As for the hair trends, the colors for 2022 speak for themselves: the most popular color will be a shade that moves away from the trend of warm and rich tones, to give space to cold tones tending to gray. Experts have christened it ash brown, that is, a shade between brown and silver. Ash brown will be the most loved and sought-after color in 2022, so honey-colored shades are abandoned to move to darker and more opaque shades.

In the world of hair accessories, on the other hand, the already beloved headbands will still make their way in the company of hair clips and bows, pearls and Swarovski crystals.


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