The color-changing makeup is becoming viral in 2023

The lipstick formula that reacts to the individual pH of the lips, is not magic but it's just a matter of chemistry! What are the best products to try o?

The trend of color-changing lipstick dates back to the 70s. Avon, with its Color Magic line, introduced the first pH reagent lipsticks.

Lipsticks available in neon colors, such as yellow, green and blue, but then, at the time of application on the lips, turned into pink.

A lip balm, emollient and moisturizing, but with a reacting pH formula.

Retro but also modern: cosmetics that change color become the latest trend on social media and beyond.

This is also demonstrated by the launch of Vice Lip Chemistry by Urban Decay and Je Ne Sais Quoi by IT Cosmetics, products that react to the heat and pH of the lips, creating a beautiful personalized color that lasts over time!

How do color-changing makeup actually work?

The color-changing lipstick is a lipstick, usually moisturizing and long-lasting, which changes color depending on the pH of the skin, assuming bright colors that can go from fuchsia pink to purple.

This peculiarity makes it an ad hoc product, since the lipstick will be different from person to person.

The starting color of the stick does not affect the final result of the application, which depends precisely on the pH of your lips. The pigments in contact with the air and moisture of the skin have a reaction that leads them to change their final color.

It is therefore not magic, but a simple chemical reaction.

These lipsticks can be used alone or in combination with a lip pencil. Being pH reacting products, they are also long-lasting and natural.

Nourished and colored lips

These lip balms are not only able to react to the pH of the skin, giving the lips a slight pinkish color, but are also rich in moisturizing ingredients.

In this way you will have the perfect shade of pink lipstick that complements the tone of your skin in order to enhance the natural pink tones of your lips.

Lipsticks therefore that look like real lip balm, help to keep the lips hydrated giving a glossy effect and that also modify their shade.

How to choose your color changing lipstick

Firstly, to be “magical” it must contain a minimum amount of pigment. You will also have to take into account its finish, durability, and texture.

The advice is always to orient yourself towards quality products, with formulations that can also bring benefits to your lips.

Regarding the application is the same as any other lipstick, you just have to wait a few moments to notice the intensification of the color, it is therefore important to stay inside the lip contour for a uniform effect.

In addition, the lipstick changes color can be layered several times to increase its liveliness and intensity.

On the market you can find different products, here is a small selection:

Givenchy Rose Perfecto Liquid Lip Balm

With a marbled moisturizing formula infused in color to dye the lips. The light cover offers a natural glossy finish. In the iconic shades 001 and 011 they adapt to the pH of the lips to create a unique and tailor-made finish.

  • 001– PINK IRRESISTIBLE – A tailor-made pink that adapts to the unique pH of the lips.
  • 011– BLACK PINK – Pink and black marble for a tailor-made plum nuance that adapts to the unique pH of the lips

This illuminating balm from the Maison Givenchy awakens and sublimates the natural color of the lips. Its new 3-in-1 formula defines, moisturizes and revives the natural color of the lips.

Its innovative “Lip replumper” complex instantly plumps the mouth, while its shea extract texture provides hydration and comfort. Finally, a magic ingredient reacts with the pH of the lips for a natural and personalized result.

essence Pumpkins pretty please!

Color-changing lip oil from the Pumpkins pretty please! collection by essence. The texture of the pH-active oil colors the lips in a delicate shade of pink!

In addition, lip oil nourishes with pumpkin extract.

essence Electric Glow Colour Changing

Electric Glow Colour Changing has a nourishing effect, gives the lips a natural, radiant finish and a delicate pink touch.

The texture encloses glittery particles, reacts to the individual pH of the lips accentuating their color, for a natural and radiant finish. Perfect for a unique look!

From lipsticks to other makeup products

The trend then extended to other makeup products. Among the products of the Youthforia brand, there is the BYO Blush Oil, a green blush oil that turns into a pinkish and transparent blush on the cheeks.

The magic of these products that change color and turn into a perfect tone of pink personalized or is all thanks to science.

essence Positive Vibes Only is the new trend edition dedicated to good humor, for magic makeup!

essence Positive Vibes Only Blush in Stick is a fantastic surprise: it has a creamy green texture that reacts with the pH of the skin, turning into a natural pink hue.

Thanks to its practical stick format, the blush is always at hand for quick touch-up. The color intensity is adjustable according to your needs.

essence Lippenstift Positive Vibes Only Colour Changing Lip Glow is a color-changing lipstick that gives the lips a natural finish with a slight shimmer effect.

The lipstick texture reacts with the pH value of the skin and turns into a single soft pink hue on the lips. The lipstick can be applied directly to the lips with the lipstick or with a lip brush.

There are also tricks that you can take that facilitate the application and help the yield of the lipstick: you can outline the contour of your lips and apply the lipstick in several thin layers.

In addition, lip care is essential, a lip peeling before applying lip makeup removes dead cells, ensures a smoother surface and promotes the application of the product.

Mix together eye, face, and lip products with pH reacting properties, to add a pinch of magic to your makeup!


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