How to choose the perfect shade of foundation

All the useful tips, error-proof, that you must follow to make the right choice and find the nuance that best suits your skin type.

One of the most common mistakes you make is to get the color of the foundation wrong

Who hasn't this happened to?

The color of your face, in fact, is generally very different from that of your hands, and then you must also take into account the lights, the artificial ones are not suitable for evaluating the shade, the time of year because the skin is not always the same color all year round.

Not to forget the finish or type of foundation: liquid, stick or compact. In this case, the nuance must be chosen according to the type of product you need.

So always start from the assumption that the foundation should always be tried on the side of the jaw in the area between chin and neck, the right shade is the one that best conforms with your complexion and that blends without creating chromatic detachments.

In fact, the foundation must even out the complexion, blending perfectly with the complexion of your skin and should always be checked under natural light.

But what if the color of your face is different from the color of your neck? In this case, you have to pick the color that best evens out between the two parts. Without forgetting to also take into account the undertone, cold or warm, that is the dominant color of your skin.

Each brand, then, has its own shades and its different criteria for cataloging the colors, so the Classic Beige of one brand can be different from the Classic Beige of another, not to mention the brands that use the numbering to catalog the various shades. In short, extricating yourself from all this information is never at all easy, and it is always a difficult task.

It is also always good to have in mind if you want to get a coverage or a finish, on the one hand you can improve the brightness of the face and on the other you can get a matte effect.

So how to orient yourself?

If you are at the beginning of your “experiments”, in order not to be mistaken, it is better that you address yourself on a neutral foundation that is good for all or almost all, as it is composed of a 50% pink and 50% yellow base.

Over the years, even the big brands have finally expanded their range of shades and today the light colors are many more than in the past, this can be good as it is easier to find the right shade but also bad because it is always difficult to choose between many and fall into error.

OK, the mistake was made. Now you end up with an unusable foundation?

No, nothing is lost, in fact even the best makeup artists reveal that the complexions and their shades are infinite, and it may happen that you can not find your own shade exactly.

In this case, the secret is to mix the colors together so that you can create the perfect foundation for your complexion.

This also happens in summer, a season in which you need a darker foundation than the tone that is good for the winter period, so if your foundation seems too dark add a hint of fair or light, or at least a light color, if it was too light, a little medium and therefore a slightly darker color.

This technique can also be used with creams and serums. To obtain a more natural effect, you can mix the liquid foundation with your usual face cream, in order to get a perfect BB Cream for your complexion. Mixes can also be made with a concealer or illuminant.

If your goal is to have the perfect foundation that is resistant to sunlight, then in this case you can rely on technology. In fact, some perfumeries offer a screening service that identifies the exact color of your skin. It is a colorimeter that scans the skin of the face in three different points and identifies the exact color by identifying it with a code.

How to buy a foundation online

In this case the advice is to rely on a brand that you already know, a reference foundation with which you have found yourself well and possibly compare it with other brands with similar or identical shades.

The key is to have in mind when buying a foundation online is the knowledge of your undertone. The color of the skin is given by the sum of two factors: the undertone and the shade, the combination of these two characteristics generates your shade.

By undertone, we therefore mean the dominant tint of your skin. By shade, we mean the height of color tone:

  • FAIR
  • TAN
  • DARK
  • RICH
  • DEEP

The purpose of a foundation is to blend perfectly with your skin and be virtually invisible.

In one way or another, your ultimate goal must be finding the right nuance and avoid the clown effect.

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