How to recreate a spa treatment at home in a few simple steps

Scrubs, massages and pampering: recreate the relaxing environment of the spa at home, a little time to devote yourself and find the right balance between mind and body.

The spa day, one of the most relaxing things that exists

Rooms with soft lighting, scented hot tubs and relaxing massages: a moment of pure peace and tranquility.

Entering a wellness center means accessing an oasis of well-being far from everyday commitments, where to spend hours in complete relaxation, forgetting about the outside world. This allows the mind to regenerate and the body to receive the right attention that you too often forget to offer.

Of course, it can never be the same, but you can have real anti-stress benefits even at home and in just 30 minutes. A relaxing warm bath and a scented candle can be the right key to recreate a thermal environment and awaken memories of pure relaxation.

Give space to relaxing sounds and lights

Create the right atmosphere also with the help of music or sounds of nature, scented candles and soft lights, simple but effective gestures, which will help you immerse yourself in a sort of relaxation mode in which to find balance between mind and body.

Open pores with steam and cleanse the skin

A warm bath or shower helps not only to relax, but can be a valuable ally in skin care. The steam in fact opens the pores well, preparing them to absorb all the products that you are going to apply later. In addition, when they are well dilated, the pores clean and purify much more easily.

So one of the easiest things to replicate at home and that will give you more satisfaction in the results (if done correctly) will be a face mask.

Whether you already have face masks ready to use or not, creating them will not be a problem. In fact, a few ingredients are enough: olive oil, honey or lemon will be useful to obtain a dense compound worthy of a real beauty mask.

Eliminate dead cells with a body scrub

You can lean towards a ready-made scrub, going to choose formulations designed to give you satisfaction also from the point of view of aromatherapy, or create your own exfoliant at home, mixing sugar, honey, oil, or coffee.

Instead of the actual scrub, you can use special brushes or gloves, which improve circulation. In this case, to have more benefits, you have to proceed from the bottom up for a few minutes, insisting on the most problematic areas but without exaggerating so as not to irritate the skin.

Start by massaging from the ankles and go up, making circular movements and pressing slightly. At the end, use a brush with special bristles and always massage from the bottom up, "draining" the lymph towards the center of the body.

A valid alternative to the scrub is represented by the use (not very widespread but effective) of “dry skin brushing”, a massage of the body with a dry brush with rigid bristles that helps to get rid of scaly skin, increasing circulation and even improving the appearance of the skin.

Massage and hydration

Purified face and body, move on to the last but not least step of hydration. Perhaps the least relaxing and most challenging part.

Once again, the protagonist will be your favorite essential oil, which can be added to a basic oil for massages or a cream that you also habitually use for a treatment. Almond oil would be ideal, especially after a bath or shower as it absorbs much more quickly without leaving the skin greasy.

Starting from the ankles, massage the legs and buttocks with movements ranging from the bottom up. The goal is to promote venous return and counteract water retention. The same care also applies to the hydration of the face. If you have time and desire, there are also a lot of DIY facial massages, you do not need hours, even just five minutes and the skin will thank you.

Finally, if you are a fan or want to recreate a perfect spa, you should not forget to include in your wellness path also a herbal infusion break. It is possible to choose from an infinite number of types: from purifying to relaxing, the choice is yours. If you do not like herbal infusions, you can always take time to relax a little, read a book or listen to relaxing music.

Carving out small moments for your well-being is essential for the body, but above all for your mind… So enjoy relaxing!

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Nice article! Love the spa, with a few simple steps you can relax also at home.

one year ago
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