Immerse in Avatar "The Way of Water" and transport yourself into the blue

Explore the world of Pandora and push its boundaries with your imagination. Get inspired and experiment with your new looks.

Today, makeup is also experimented in virtual and science fiction worlds. The Metaverse becomes reality, and even makeup artists experiment with tricks inspired by these worlds that are then repeated in real life.

We therefore experiment with exaggerated and futuristic makeup, sometimes alien, without fear of any judgment.

The sequel to Avatar launches the new frontier of eyeshadows with sparkling, highlighting shades and bioluminescent glosses.

The film will debut in theaters on December 14th, 2022.

More than ten years after the events of the original film, Jake Sully and Neytiri have formed a family. However, due to an old threat, they are forced to leave their home and explore the new regions of Pandora.

The Na'vi style dominates not only the style, but also the makeup. The color “Avatar”, a sort of cobalt blue, is the nuance that distinguishes the skin of the Na'vi, the inhabitants of the planet.

NYX Professional Makeup Avatar Collection

NYX Professional Makeup has launched the Avatar “The Way of Water” collection. In the range sparkling highlights, lipsticks, gloss and fixing spray that seem to come from another planet.

Textures inspired by the bioluminescent shades of the forests and seas of Pandora, an imaginary planet that is the backdrop to events, for a multidimensional makeup.

The leading product of the collection is certainly the Color Palette with 24 eyeshadows with captivating shades inspired by the bioluminescent shades of the lush forests and colorful seas of Pandora's world. Ultra-saturated and easily blendable pigments.

Apply matte and velvety eyeshadows on the eyelids for a full-volume color. Illuminate the eye by accentuating the interior corners with metallic colors. Experience an otherworldly color with Avatar's Color Palette, along with eye-catching hues inspired by the bioluminescence of Pandora's land and sea.


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