Make-up station, the dream that comes true even in a small space

How to best organize even a small corner of the house with many ideas and a pinch of creativity to get a dream corner for your beauty.

Why do you need a makeup station?

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or simply want to pamper yourself with creams and other products for your beauty, in this article you will find some small useful tips to create your own little beauty corner.

Having a makeup station gives you direct access to everything you require in one place. It also helps you organize all your products to the fullest.

It is not necessary to have an entire room with glittery armchairs and giant mirrors, but you can also carve out a small corner of the house (whether in the bathroom, in the bedroom or a small forgotten niche space) to be allocated to your makeup and skincare. Just a simple mirror with lights (better that they reproduce natural light), a piece of furniture with drawers and compartments, an ottoman or a stool, makeup organizers and your “Glam Room” is ready!

Let's start from the location choice

If you can choose a corner that is already in a favorable position, near a source of natural light. Otherwise, you will have to recreate a natural light with light bulbs, do not forget that the choice of lights is fundamental.

The cold and light lights will emphasize all the details of your skin and will allow you to better understand the yield and color of a foundation once applied.

You can opt for a mirror with integrated, diffused and homogeneous lighting or if you really want to exaggerate you can decide to buy a ring light, more simply a light with circular LED lamps able to generate a cold light.

How to best organize your makeup station

Let's start from the base or the actual station. If you have little space you should opt for a shelf, for example, with which you can also recreate a small space.

It will be sufficient to place it under the mirror (if you have opted for a wall mirror) or in case your light needs a base, in this case you have to choose a shelf that is wide enough, or adopt a removable console to be able to open and close it as needed.

The choice depends on the available size of your corner.

If the space at your disposal allows it, you can opt for a solution with horizontal and vertical drawers and doors. If the space is really large, you can also give yourself the luxury of placing a small wardrobe with doors, dividers, and containers that separate both by type of product and by colors.

Fully equipped makeup stations

The advice is also to divide the products by type and colors, perhaps cataloging them in convenient dispensers, preferably transparent, to immediately identify their position, in this way it also gives a feeling of maximum order.

You can also opt for solutions that actually have very different purposes (office desks, shelves, dispensers, and kitchen dividers) to take advantage of all the available spaces.

For example, you can use glass jars as containers and with a simple wall shelf you can hang them in sight to always have them at hand. An original, practical and economical way that will be a valid alternative to optimize space and not give up your beauty corner.

If the shelf space is really tiny you can also use a portable slim trolley to pull out in the moment of need and reposition in a small space of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or even a corner of the wardrobe.

In short, there are many solutions also because fortunately for us makeup products are not so bulky, and you can always find a corner for them: use just a dash of imagination and give space to your creativity.

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