KIMTRUE Meltaway Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm to Oil


KIMTRUE Meltaway Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm to Oil 2 in1 Makeup Remover Creams

by Kimtrue

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Scegli tra 8 varianti:

  • CLEANS OUT DIRT AND OIL INSIDE THE PORES WITHIN 10 SECONDS: Cleansing Balm simulates natural skin cycles, utilizes the Clear Bright-Complex penetrating cleansing system. Removes makeup by absorbing, dissolving, and washing away. Cleans out accumulated grime inside your pores and restores skin clarity without the need for secondary cleaning.
  • CONTAINS PLENTY OF PLANT-BASED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: That both removes makeup and conditions skin. KIMTRUE Makeup Cleanser consists of Vaccinium myrtillus seed oil+Citrus tangerine peel oil+urea+Cantella asiatica root extracts+panthenol+ Ruscus aculeatus root extract+Proline+Alanine+Serine+calcium pantothenate+hydrolyzed yeast protein+Marigold flower extracts all serve as moisturizing and repairing compounds that restore your skin while removing makeup.
  • NO NEED TO EMULSIFY: KIMTRUE Cleansing Balm does not need to be emulsified, simply scrub and rinse with water. Gives your skin a silky touch like the melting snow, reduces friction from hard scrubbing, which makes it also suitable for sensitive and acne prone.
  • KIMTRUE Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm: SIMULATES your skin’s cleansing mechanism
  • ADJUSTS skin condition, CLEARS UP DIRT deposits in pores, HELPS REGULATE KERATIN to keep the skin’s moisture content
  • GIVES DEEP CLEANSING IN FIRST USE: No need for secondary cleansing - experience immediate clarity with a simple rinse of warm water.

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