SKINFOOD Rice Daily Cleansing Water 300ml

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SKINFOOD Rice Daily Cleansing Water 300ml

by SKIN FOOD since 1957

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  • SKINFOOD Rice Cleanser - This cleanser is infused with organic Odae rice bran water from the Cheorwon, Gangwon Province in South Korea for clear skin. This rice water cleanser with extract and remove blackheads, reduce sebum buildup, and leave your skin feeling silky soft, smooth, and clear.
  • Benefits of Rice Water - This rice water cleanser contains Rice Nuruk Fermented Water naturally fermented from glutinous rice nuruk (traditional Korean fermentation starter) made with Cheorwon Odae rice​ to provide essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to rejuvenate dry and sensitive skin.
  • Rice Water Skin Care - Micellar technology is applied to help the cleanser remove skin waste while leaving moisture to keep the skin hydrated after cleansing. This rice skin care technique will leave your skin soothed and happy as you go about your day.
  • How to Use - Dampen your face with water before applying the rice water cleansing foam to your face. Massage thoroughly to fully clean the skin before rinsing off with lukewarm or warm water. For best results, follow with a SKINFOOD facial toner or serum and facial cream.
  • Authentic Korean Beauty Products - Korean Beauty products like SKINFOOD lead the world with their top-tier beauty and makeup products. We are the first cosmetic brand to root itself in food since 1957, as we believe that the highest quality nutritive food results in healthy, beautiful skin to create a healthier lifestyle.

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