All the steps to follow to get shiny hair

How to take care of your hair to always have it perfect, whether you have oily, wavy, curly, straight or dry hair. Follow these few simple rules.

They are the frame of the face, always in sight and attract the attention of those who interact with you

With hair, you talk about yourself: change cut, color, choose to comb them with waves or bring them short and cheeky, touch them with your hands, indicate your personality, how you feel and what you want to express.

When you think of a change, you decide that it should start right from the hair, and you decide to sit on the hairstylist's armchair as if it were a psychologist.

Because as someone said: hair is the soul of a woman, so you have to know her.

But specifically, what is the relationship between hair and personality? A woman in her hair sees her femininity.

In fact, insecure women are afraid to cut even an inch of hair, unlike women who make a real change of look even drastic sometimes manifest the desire for a profound change in their lives and therefore start from the hair.

For some they are the fixed nail in front of the mirror, obsessed with the desire to always have perfect hair at any time of the day, looking for innovative solutions to give a healthy and strong look to the hair, undisputed protagonists of our physical appearance.

Over the years, with the advent of new professional tools and specific products, the importance of hair care has taken on a fundamental role.

From cutting to natural treatments

What if we devoted the same attention to hair as we do to the face?

Even for hair as well as for the skin, there are fundamental rules, sometimes not too far from those we already know for skin care.

The secret lies in choosing the shampoo and treatments formulated for your hair type, helping it to keep it clean for longer, thus also reducing the frequency of washing.

The first fundamental rule is to take care of the scalp, too often forgotten.

Washing your hair is an ordinary gesture that we often do automatically: water, shampoo, foam, rinse!

The first big mistake we make is precisely to think that it is the hair that needs to be washed, but it is not so, it is the scalp, so it must never be neglected!

In fact, the health of the hair must start from this point of the head that too typically is forgotten or weighed down by accumulations of impurities, styling products or excess sebum.

Brushing and combing

The ideal would be to start by brushing the hair, especially if it is long, using a brush or a comb suitable for the type of hair, then you need to wet the hair, apply the shampoo with your fingertips directly on the scalp and massage slowly with the fingertips (never with the nails!), also making circular movements that help stimulate the microcirculation useful to make the hair stronger and healthier.

The scalp must be massaged, as hairdressers do, and it is precisely when we are sitting on the hairstylist's chair that we must grasp its secrets so that we can then replicate them at home.

The amount of shampoo to use is always a drama.

The ideal amount of shampoo to be applied to the hair is a dose of product equal to the famous walnut, but when we talk about hair we must also always consider the length of the hair without ever abounding too much, in fact the amount of foam produced by too much shampoo is not proportional to the cleansing effect, indeed sometimes it is just the opposite!

In fact, the excess foam produced by too much shampoo can prevent a deep and complete cleaning.

Have you recently heard about the Low-Pow method?

A trend much loved by the stars that come from the minimalist movement and involves the use of a minimum amount of shampoo. You can try to reduce the amount of shampoo you use by about a quarter at first, and then progressively decrease more and more, until you find the right amount to use for your hair. This method helps to restore the natural production of sebum, so that the hair remains less greasy and clean for longer.

Water also plays an important role in cleaning the hair, warm water, in fact, is ideal because, favoring the opening of the cuticles and thus optimizing the cleansing action of the shampoo, it allows a delicate but deep washing.

For this reason, the rinsing phase is also essential and must be done accurately.

How should balm or mask be used?

Shampoo is indispensable, but it is not enough!

Really essential is to combine the right conditioner so as not to risk weighing down hair and scalp unnecessarily.

Conditioner or mask should be applied to the washed and towel-dried hair always at least 3 centimeters from the roots and left to act for the duration recommended on the package, then rinsed thoroughly.

As already mentioned, it is also possible to do pre-shampoo treatments.

Hair dryer and straightener

Before proceeding with the drying it is important to remember to set the hair dryer or the straightener on a low temperature if you really can not dry your hair in the air, dab them gently with a towel.

Wet hair has a tendency to be damaged more easily when you comb it, so before brushing it you should let it dry and remove as much water as possible in order to decrease the duration of drying, protecting the hair from heat.

In this regard, it would be useful to apply a heat-protective cream or spray along the entire length of the hair in order to prevent damage caused by heat treatment. In fact, you should never overdo it with the temperature. The finer and more damaged your hair is, the lower the temperature you should use, while for long hair that tends to knot easily it is recommended to first apply a spray to untangle the hair.


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