Makeup is tinged with red and blue for Fall 2022

Autumn has arrived. Discover all the new makeup trends to show off. As you change your outfit, you will have to do the same with makeup.

This season's eye makeup pushes boundaries

Taking inspiration from autumn looks and catwalks, let's see what are the best makeup trends you should try this fall.

The trending colors for this autumn winter will be the tones of blue and all its shades.

Shades that widen far beyond the mobile eyelid, an inaccuracy that almost seems to dirty eye makeup.

The Fall Winter 2022/2023 makeup trends are an invitation to experiment with original and brilliant makeup.

So get ready to dive into all the trendy looks.

Let your face express the best features to make it unique, through eyeshadows, blushes, or lipsticks.

Lip definition

Lip makeup also finds definition, sculpted lips will be increasingly in the foreground.

Temporarily set aside gloss and lip gloss, the makeup of autumn-winter 2022/2023 is aimed at matte. The color becomes creamy and intense, hyperdefined thanks to the return of the use of lip pencil.

Red, not just as lipstick!

Color historically linked to lipstick comes out of its comfort zone to dye the rest of the face, cheeks, but also eyes.

For a monochromatic and non-monochromatic look, apply it, instead of the classic blush, on the cheekbones and buffered to obtain a nuanced effect.

The creamy texture of the lipstick, in fact, is perfect for creating brightness; Also ideal for creating contrasts with the iris and enhancing its color, especially if blue.

The lips will be shiny and embellished with volumizing gloss, while the eyeliners will also be colored like the shocking pink used by Valentino.

Metallic and luminous makeup will be the master on a natural makeup.

Flawless base makeup

Makeup experts say that a natural and bright base is the perfect start for this fall 2022.

Bases to be completed with more daring lip makeup and eyeshadows. To give life to a natural complexion, it is useful to find the right balance between foundation, concealer, and skincare.

The base makeup will be fresh and bright, so you will have to focus on serum foundation and prefer creams to powders, while the eyebrows are bleached according to the Bleached eyebrows trend.

Bold and minimal at the same time will be a hot trend that will remain strong even in autumn.

Seen on catwalks and celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Maisie Williams, the lightened eyebrows give an alien, high-fashion look that makes the eyes stand out.

We advise you to always consult a professional for this kind of treatment.

Blue, gray and all cold colors will be the absolute masters of makeup routines.

Gray is a color that is little used in makeup, but this autumn is the ideal time to learn to love it. Dusty, wet or satin effect, eyeshadows will be the undisputed protagonists.

All shades of blue and blue are also trendy, to adapt to your complexion and combined with neutral tones. The blue eyeshadow makes its way in all its shades, from pastel to cobalt to sapphire. Seen on celebrities and TikTok stars, this nostalgic comeback is perfect for the autumn ahead.

Choose a darker shade to suit the darker climate, or a brighter shade for festive looks.

Unexpected fluo

Blue is not the only color that returns this autumn. The bright and fluorescent colors that surround the eyes will definitely be in fashion.

Whether you pick a unique shade for the entire eyelid or a set of several colors, this will be a trend that will prove that fluorescent colors are not just for the summer period.

Ideal to give you a touch of lightheartedness and brightness even in the grayest months.

At will, you can decide whether to highlight the eyes or lips and whether to do it with bright nuances or with glitter.

Fun and bold looks with a clean, natural base

The trend for autumn makeup generally always recalls dark colors, matte and velvety textures.

This year's fashion shows, however, have also revealed trends characterized by more intense and bright colors.

What you have to expect for an autumn makeup will be a little color as new nude of the season.

Important rules to remember

Makeup aside, some important rules remain valid to always follow:

  • Never overdo it. Always remember that it takes very little pigment, and the secret is to blend well. For a perfect base you need little product, shaded well so that the final result is to perfectly even out the complexion.
  • Cover without weighing down, less is more.
  • Play with your makeup. You can enhance your strengths and correct small defects, without exaggerating.
  • Makeup is known to help our self-esteem, is also good for mood and has great therapeutic power. Always remove make-up in the evening: you must always remove all traces of makeup. Take care of your skin, starting from skincare.


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