Makeup to show off in 2022: all the upcoming trends

The revenge of lipsticks, gloss and sparkling eye makeup. Discover all the new trendy looks that await us during this new year.

The last two years have literally turned our lives upside down and beyond.

Makeup lovers had to learn to wear makeup in a new and “mask-proof” way, lipstick took a back seat, and we found ourselves focusing everything on the eyes, alas the only part left uncovered.

The new trends focus on easy makeup, brightness, and perfection

On the eye front, colors will be the masters. Eyeshadows will be the protagonists of the summer, with a color block trend, also baptized “multicolor energy”.

The main colors will be blue and water tones, including purple blues.

Thanks to the newfound optimism, the desire to experiment is also born, and the colored eyeshadow is destined to return to the fore.

There will also be an overbearing return of lipsticks, forgotten in the beauty case. Back in the limelight, already with the first autumn colds, the lipsticks will no longer end up in some corner; whether they are shimmers or mattes, they will continue to make their inevitable presence felt for a long time. To support them also a great desire for rebirth and lightness.

The red lipstick is undoubtedly a timeless great classic of makeup and is ready to return among the protagonist colors that is in shimmer or matte version.

The lips will be more and more hydrated, 2022 will also see a decisive return of the gloss. With the arrival of spring, matte lipsticks will be almost totally abandoned in favor of more glossy and glossy textures, and even the eyebrows will be increasingly cared for and brushed upwards.

Good news for beauty addicts

Nude makeup is still a timeless must. A nude, minimalist and natural makeup will always be sought after and applied especially for a quick and fresh makeup.

A new trend will be an extremely radiant skin, a bright face base, but not too bright, combined with cheeks heated by a blush in shades of peach and golden pink, the complexion must be bright.

And black? Do we set it aside? Never, no one puts black in a corner!

This color is extremely versatile and must never be missing in our beauty case. The options for him are always many: from smokey-eyes to eyeliner, the key to success lies in originality.

Here then the eyeliner line moves to the lower rhyme and the eyeshadow fades, stretching over the entire eyelid also combined with graphic details to be made with the eyeliner, which always gives a decidedly dramatic effect and sure impact.

If until now you have put mascara only on the upper eyelashes, know that the makeup of spring will have a retro turn, with a touch of the 60s inspired by the looks of Twiggy Lawson.

2022 will be the year in which we will finally want to experiment with our appearance, perhaps even temporarily changing our habits: in short, the time has come to get out of our comfort zone in makeup!


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