How to change your skincare to deal with the start of autumn

The secret to a perfect complexion is to moisturize without weighing down the skin, the ideal is the combination of cream and serum. 🍁 Your skin's requirements change as temperatures fall.

After the summer, your skin needs proper care to regain its physiological well-being.

The sun and its rays are good and give you a golden tan, but despite the sunscreen, some problems related to exposure remain, such as sunspots.

Discover some useful products to counteract them:

For this reason, with the arrival of autumn you must give space to products such as serums and creams with active ingredients with exfoliating and smoothing action, able to remove the superficial part of the skin to promote cell turnover.

With sun exposure the skin tends to dry out and lose elasticity and over time promotes the formation of wrinkles especially on the face. To counteract this process, it is useful to adopt a correct beauty routine with the right products.

In autumn, the temperatures drop and the challenges for your skin increase. The cold and the wind can lead to a worsening of the skin already dehydrated by sun exposure, for this reason in this season it is necessary to intensify the care of your skin through an ad hoc skincare.


Foremost, it is necessary to restore the correct water balance of the skin, essential for its shine and elasticity. Your skincare must start with the daily use of a moisturizing product, a rich texture, which helps maintain elasticity and hydration, to be combined with a serum to give more support to the cream and bringing a charge of active ingredients useful to overcome the transition from hot to the first cold.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is exfoliation, removing dead cells and impurities, thoroughly purifying the skin is essential.

Exfoliation also helps to prepare the skin for the subsequent treatments you are going to use.

For this reason, in addition to the detergent, it is also necessary to include an exfoliating product in your routine to be used at least once a week, two for combination or oily skin, for which not too rich moisturizers are also preferred.

For maximum benefit, skincare products should be used from the lightest to the heaviest.

Vitamin C

What better time to use products rich in vitamin C than autumn. Vitamin C has an illuminating effect on the skin, helps to heal it from UV damage and evens out its tone.

It is a concentrate of well-being with multiple properties, it is a powerful antioxidant able to neutralize the action of free radicals and counteract the signs of aging by stimulating the production of collagen and making the skin radiant.

It also has an uniforming effect: it lightens the spots and compacts the texture of the skin. Also remember that it is not photosensitizing, so you can use it even during the day.

Take a look at our selection of vitamin C creams:


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