Skinimalism, a new and easy to understand term

Let's talk about the new beauty trend that is taking over in recent years in the world of skincare.

Simple, economical and effective: try the new skincare trend

Aiming at the essentials without overloading the dermis: a minimalist and basic care that adapts to all skin types.

Born in 2020, favored above all by the restrictions and new habits that led us to review everything a little, it was confirmed also in 2021.

The term consists of the words skin and minimalism that is a real encouragement to give up skin care in several phases to focus more on minimal. It reduces the steps of skincare, but not depriving the skin of the nutrients it needs.

The condition that forced us to stay at home during the lockdown led us to focus mainly on a good skincare, that has therefore exceeded the importance of makeup.

Forced by a global pandemic to remain closed at home, we have rediscovered the pleasure of taking care of our skin and have therefore reversed habits, also thanks to the greater free time available. So the time that was previously dedicated mainly to makeup today is dedicated more (because we have also learned how to do) to facial care.

Tutorials and social networks have also led us to a greater interest in products and techniques to help skin care, also aiming with a few simple gestures at the well-being of the face, often tried by the use of the mask and stress.

I was the first during the lockdown and smart working to devote myself mainly to facial care, a fundamental step. Even simply making a mask in front of the PC, working from home, had become a good daily habit.

Skinimalism therefore goes hand in hand with a simple beauty routine with natural ingredients that therefore has as its main objective a simplified and minimalist skin care.

Simplicity does not therefore mean renunciation, but it means choosing a targeted skincare, which can therefore be effective.

To be beautiful in a natural way, you need small and simple gestures: the essential beauty routine is a must that we just can not do without.
Whether you have perfect skin or not, there will come a day when you will have to deal with the passing of time, so the real goal is to play ahead.

Skinimalism does not mean sacrificing performance, but picking a minimum number of products, also avoiding waste.

In addition, this philosophy helps to banish the canons of beauty and encourages showing oneself even without filters, naturally, so the #Normalizenormalbodies movement has also conquered social media

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where retouching reigns at all costs, showing oneself only with filters and where the idea of perfect leather is still too widespread. Filters have altered the perception of beauty, which is often modified, camouflaged and hidden, but slowly we are rebelling against the imposition of canons and stereotypes to regain possession of our uniqueness.

Today, in fact, more and more people decide to abandon filters and generous tricks to show themselves to the natural world, this also dictated by social media that, with makeup free selfies and with normal imperfections in sight, break down this presumed and unrealistic image of perfection.

Perfection that does not exist because each of us, more or less, has defects or imperfections and even pores! Already because with the magical filters they also disappear, microscopic openings through which the skin releases sebum. They are therefore indispensable for the normal trophism of the skin and of which you could not do without, much less get rid of them permanently.

So the first important thing to do is to abandon beauty stereotypes and be aware that each of us must be the best version of ourselves

Each one is beautiful in its uniqueness and unrepeatability, the aesthetic canons are relative. Beauty is a state of mind that we choose to live. Feeling beautiful means paying attention to aspects of ourselves that we like, so a common starting point is to learn to love and accept ourselves in our totality.

Acceptance frees us from the impositions of others and is the first step towards happiness and well-being, but this does not mean not taking care of it but on the contrary doing it in a healthy and conscious way.

Self-love, that is, love for oneself, having a high consideration for one's well-being and happiness

Taking care of your needs: I love myself, I want the best for myself, and I want to improve.

Skinimalism therefore represents the abandonment of layered makeup of too many products full of silicones, parabens, aggressive chemical agents, favoring instead a more essential routine, simply healthy and free of harmful elements.

So few products, few ingredients, but good and quality: this is the philosophy of Skinimalism that goes a little against the current compared to the long Korean beauty routine.


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