Chiara Ferragni presents her new makeup collection

A sparkling makeup that never goes unnoticed. The influencer's new collection creates a look with a luminous and delicate effect, but at the same time sensual.

A sparkling and glittery collection

The launch of her new cosmetics collection offers products curated by Chiara and designed to reflect her style.

The strengths of Chiara Ferragni brand makeup are excellent and long-lasting formulas with bright, bold colors and a matte or glittery finish. In addition, the products are Made in Italy.

The main protagonists of this new line of makeup are lipsticks and lip pencils, with soft and super pigmented textures able to nourish and color the lips at the same time.

Enter the world of Chiara Ferragni with her new exclusive collection of make-up. Among the novelties, the most iconic is Lip Kit Kiss Essential 05.

Lip Kit - Kiss Essential 05

A lip kit consisting of the lipstick Kiss Fiercely 05 and the lip pencil Kiss Marker 05.

Lipstick with a creamy texture that gives your lips the perfect nude pink color and guarantees a flawless, long-lasting result. Your lips will be more hydrated and nourished thanks to green tea and golden root extracts.

Kiss Marker 05 is a lip pencil with a precise line and a creamy and moisturizing texture. Its highly pigmented formula guarantees an intense color and a satin finish, spreading with extreme ease.

The exclusive colors of Chiara Ferragni lipsticks

Among the new products we find the new lip pencils, which as we have already anticipated, come back to the fore.

Lip Liner - Kiss Marker 06

A lip pencil with a precise line and a creamy and moisturizing texture. The highly pigmented formula guarantees an intense mauve color with a satin finish, spreading with extreme ease.

Lip Liner - Kiss Marker 04

Also available in burgundy shade.

Lip Balm - Kiss Me Softly 05

An ultra-creamy balm that slides on the lips giving shades of red, with a natural and luminous effect.

This balm smoothes the lips with immediate effect giving softness thanks to the infusion of Açai oil and cherry extract, which offer nourishing properties, vitamins and anti-aging benefits.

Lip Balm - Kiss Me Softly 04

Also available in the nude version with mauve shades and a natural and luminous effect.

Liquid Eyeshadow - Flirty Glance 01

Multipurpose liquid eyeshadow, which thanks to the innovative formula and the light, soft and comfortable texture, allows you to create a complete and long-lasting look.

The high-precision applicator allows an easy, fast and precise application of the product, allowing you to play with shades or precise lines of eyeliner. Flirty Glance 01 (Holographic with blue pearls) does not require a makeup base, it is waterproof and long-lasting.

Liquid Eyeshadow - Flirty Glance 02 e Flirty Glance 03

Also available in Pearl Pink and Pearl Champagne.

Eyeshadow Palette - Platinum Edition

Eye palette composed of 6 shades of super versatile glam and sparkling eyeshadows. Astroshine, Cheerz, Make out, Hang out, Shimmer hole and Hit on!. These are the names of the new colors of the palette.

The formulas are highly pigmented and contain mat, shimmer, metallic and glittery colors The colors are applicable with brushes or fingers.

Chiara and the makeup

Chiara's debut in makeup was a great success. She launched her first makeup collection in 2021, completing the offer of her Chiara Ferragni brand and creating new trends and looks, a search for constant inspiration for many beauty addicts.

The glittery pink now belongs to the famous eye-shaped logo, which has become its real signature; logo always present also in its makeup products, now famous symbol of the Chiara Ferragni brand.

For the entrepreneur, makeup is a precious ally that allows you to express your personality without limits of age, gender, ethnicity.

According to Chiara, makeup has a powerful empowering action: express your personality with Chiara Ferragni makeup!

Within her first collection you can find the transparent eyebrow gel, the eyeshadow palette, mascara, a highlighter blush and three 'All That Glitter' lipsticks in red, 'Workin' Girl' a pink nude and the 'Hot Mama's' formula in biscuit color.

Blush Me Up

The flagship product of the makeup collection is Blush Me Up, able to warm the complexion by illuminating the face.

A blush with a revolutionary texture that perfectly captures pigments and light, leaving the skin more velvety and soft from the first application. The color is easily blendable and modulable.

Mascara and palettes

The Eye-conic mascara, with a creamy and light consistency, able to give definition and volume to your eyelashes.

The bristles of the applicator are able to reach even the shortest and thinnest eyelashes by evenly distributing a magnetic, intense black color.

Eyeshadow palettes CHIARA FERRAGNI The Iconic 01

The Chiara Ferragni The Iconic palette has 15 colors ranging from light beige to emerald green, giving a complete panorama of matte, shimmer, metallic and glittery finishes.

Easily applied both with your fingers and with the brush. The names of the colors of the palette come from the iconic exclamations of the influencer: Adoro, Love Fiercely, Be Better, Bling Bling are just a few. Another flagship product of the old collection is the Light Bomb illuminant.

Creamy illuminating light bomb that gives the face light and color. It can be used to sculpt and illuminate the face with a metallic effect and a champagne pearlescence wet effect.

Cream formula that makes the product light, giving an immediate glow. Lychee fruit extract helps reduce the negative impacts of UV exposure on the skin, increasing its hydration.

The focus of Chiara Ferragni makeup

Blue eyes are the undisputed protagonists of her beauty, and almost always also the focus of her makeup looks.

Making her makeup is not such a difficult task, indeed with the right products and a few tricks, it can be very simple.

Find out how to make it too

A makeup based on shades of lavender and lilac. First, you will have to prepare the base of your makeup, creating a delicate and light makeup, using foundation, powder, and a pass of blush on the cheeks to give a pink color to your face.

A pass of eyeshadow in nude or peach or earth tones on the eyelid. Delicate, romantic, but at the same time sexy and seductive.

All embellished with a sparkling highlighter. The secret is to have the right color palette, a good volumizing mascara and a nude lipstick. Whether you are a fashion addicted or not, you can not miss at least one product from the collection.


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