Season color analysis and makeup? Find out how to enhance your look

Learn the guidelines to know which colors, harmonized with each other, best enhance your face. Applied to makeup helps you choose the right colors.

Season color analysis what it is and how it works

Developed in the 70s by Berenice Kentner, American cosmetologist, who with her book “Color me a Season” gave life to a manual on the theory of personal colors inspired by the theory of the seasons, according to which people are divided into four types: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, image consulting and season color analysis have been studied and applied for some time. In Italy, on the other hand, the spread of this discipline is quite recent, and we owe it mainly to the dissemination of Rossella Migliaccio, guru of color analysis, through her book “Armocromia”.

The term is mainly used to describe a method of determining clothing colors that harmonize with a person's skin complexion, eye color, and hair color, with the advantage of being able to use this tool for wardrobe planning and style counseling.

The theory of color analysis, however, can also be applied to makeup to enhance your features, taking into account the color of the skin, eyes, and hair.

Through friendly colors that will brighten your complexion, the color method serves to identify your ideal palette and discover the shades that enhance you through this magical world.

Useful for creating palette looks to enhance natural beauty

In fact, as well as in clothing, there are colors that can help you look fresher and others that can harden your features.

Following the guidelines of season color analysis in makeup will help you to better orient yourself in the choice of foundation, but above all to know the correct undertone.

In fact, your palette will have to enhance both complexion and undertone, while the various shades of eyeshadows, eye pencils and lipsticks will be chosen according to your season.

How to understand what your colors are?

The analysis is not simple and to perform it perfectly you need technique, experience and professional materials. It also requires competence, attention, refinement and the famous fundamental drapes to understand the season to which you belong.

To find out which season you belong to, you can carry out the season color analysis test by contacting a professional in the sector, or you can try to identify yourself within the characteristics of each season.

Get to know the armochromatic seasons!


Fall into this season blond people, with light brown hair. Cold pastel shades, such as lilac, mint green, powder pink, sugar paper blue and mother-of-pearl are very well suited to this type; Instead too bright colors with warm and orange tones, are not suitable.

The blushes should be cold pink, tending to candy pink.

Suitable eyeshadows, eye pencils and eyeliners such as light brown, platinum silver and various shades of gray, mauve, and cold light pinks. People who return to this season have a cold undertone and are therefore recommended concealers and cold pink or ivory foundation.

As for the lipsticks, they must have light nuances such as neutral pink, pink, mauve, and even more intense and bright shades such as cherry red and red tending to fuchsia.


Mediterranean colors, olive skin and black hair are part of the characteristics of winter, but also lighter skin, dark hair and contrasting light eyes.
The reference colors for these people are cold, bright and dark shades, such as white, black, gray, blue, and magenta red.

The blushes should be cold pink or tending to mauve.

The undertone is cold, and the characteristic is to have a contrast with light skin and very dark eyes. The choice should be based on concealers and ivory foundation.

Eyeshadows, eyeliners, and eye pencils will be in cool shades, such as black, gray, or silver and brown. Also perfect blue, purple, and emerald green and burgundy.

Red lipsticks will be as cold and intense as ruby reds, burgundy, and pomace.


Spring brings in its group blond hair, not too light, with warm reflections, the complexion is light, ivory, or beige and with a warm undertone.

It is the most varied palette in terms of colors and type. Beige, apricot and blue, full of warm and bright shades.

The most suitable blushes are the various shades of apricot, peach and warm pinks. The makeup base should be warm, with neutral beige-nude concealers and foundations.

The colors of eyeshadows, eye pencils and warm and brilliant eyeliners enhance the look. In particular bronze and various shades of warm brown, gold, rust, eggplant purple and antique warm pinks.

In the same palette, we also find various shades of blue and green with warm undertones. Also perfect all shades of nude, peach, and apricot. Among the shades of colored lipstick, yes to strawberry reds with a hint of yellow and orange and bright reds.


In the autumn palette, the colors of the woods stand out: ranging from brown to blond, passing through reds with a warm undertone. Warm earth tones such as orange, copper and brown are perfectly matched to this season.

The blushes will have warm shades in shades of peach, coral for medium, dark or tanned skin.

People in this season tan easily, so for this type of complexion and undertone, concealers and foundation with yellow, peach or warm pink undertone are ideal.

Excellent eyeshadows, eye pencils and eyeliner in shades of chocolate, purple eggplant and bronze.

Also focus on shades of gold, sapphire blue, copper and petrol green, while as regards the perfect lipsticks warm shades such as nude peach and caramel and orange reds.


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