The 5 makeup trends to follow in this Fall 2022

From the fashion week to TikTok, the best makeups of the moment to be replicated between face, eyes and lips. Discover all the warm and enveloping shades.

Colors and shades will be the absolute protagonists of this autumn / winter, you will only have to play with finishes, applications, techniques and shapes to emphasize the eyes, face and of course the lips.

This was also demonstrated by the Milan Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2023 where the seasonal trends dedicated to makeup were the masters.

Here are five of the hottest makeup trends to try during this fall winter.

One above all, certainly, the return of red lipstick. Whether it is glossy red, burgundy or classic.

The lips are back to take all the attention they deserve, and to do so they have chosen the color par excellence, already made a firm garment by Marylin Monroe.

Many celebrities have also decided to take advantage of this shade, going in contrast with the classic nude that, more and more often, has been seen to show off in recent times.

Red lipstick and contrasting pencil like the one worn for months by Chiara Ferragni.

For your look, you can try:

1. Red lips protagonists of the beauty look

The makeup for this autumn-winter goes from a monochromatic and delicate nude to the explosive force of red lipstick.

Timeless cosmetics, able to give a touch of glamour and refined to every beauty look.

To determine which shade of red is right for you, you must always consider contrast, or the contrast between skin, eyes, and hair.

The higher the contrast, a more bold color will be suitable for your lip makeup.

To consider is above all the color of the skin and in this case, according to the armocromia, the seasons such as Spring or Autumn are perfect with an orange-red lipstick, while Winter and Summer should look for a cold red, with a hint of purple.

If your season is winter you will have to prefer a cold and bright red, while if you are an autumn you can orient yourself on vibrant nuances such as tomato red.

For those returning to the summer, it is necessary to move towards lighter and colder shades, while Spring women can venture a coral red.

2. Smokey eyes

Creamy, intense and hyperdefined colors also thanks to the use and return of the lip pencil. You can find different types, which differ from each other based on consistency, duration, and finish.

Choose lips or eyes as the protagonists of your makeup: you can opt for a bright eyeshadow combined with a gloss or lipstick. The gloss is perfect for minimalist makeup or to give an extra touch of shine to lipsticks.

Among the fall 2022 makeup trends, there is a great and long-awaited return: the smokey eyes.

The extremely opaque and smoky effect of this eye makeup will accompany us throughout the autumn, thanks to the wise use of eye pencils and eyeliner.

Eyes elongated with the cat-eye technique even in warm, spicy colors of the foliage and more particular shades, such as bronze and copper.

From orange to brown foliage through beige and cinnamon shades, for a bright and absolutely autumnal look.

3. Foundation

Abandoning very light and impalpable textures, Skin Tint and CC Cream this autumn we return to a more opaque and structured makeup base, but without too exaggerated contouring.

It is always better to prefer a medium-coverage foundation by completing the autumn makeup base with a blush, always finding the right balance between a perfect makeup base and the natural effect we want to achieve.

Liquid or powder, with increasingly performing textures and soft-matte formulas to guarantee a light but impeccable base.

4. Unusual graphic lines

The eyeliner becomes three-dimensional and is enriched with colors. The makeup is bold, exaggerated, impactful.

The graphic lines underline the eyes and open the gaze to new horizons, the dominant color remains undoubtedly black, but in the makeup of autumn winter 2022/2023 we will also have hints of color that will highlight the internal or external corner of the eye.

White, for example, will be inserted in makeup to be used as a light point suitable to highlight the features of the face.

5. Blue, a color for everyone

The moment of glory of blue eyeshadow will continue throughout autumn 2022, blue becomes the new black.

This color is linked among other things to the Very Peri, the Pantone 2022; A periwinkle that by its very definition contains a hint of blue that adapts to any iris color.

It is a color that gives the eye a sophisticated note and that neutralizes everything that is off and gray.

There are many shades of blue to choose from: the darker your eye, the more advice is to use a blue with a hint of purple, such as bluette; If, on the other hand, the eye is clear, you can orient yourself on aquatic blues, from turquoise to greens.

Rhinestones and glitter will instead be the bright note that will guide this season, becoming a must for eye makeup that becomes bright and three-dimensional.

The inspiration also comes from the TV series “Euphoria” which brought a bright and multi-faceted eye makeup.

The advice is therefore to use rhinestones and glitter to contour the eyes, with neutral colors or combined with the rest of the makeup.

If you prefer a softer version, you can also try palettes with glittery eyeshadows without exaggerating too much but in order to have a delicate but still seductive brightness.

Here you can find a selection of glitter palettes, choose the one you prefer:


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