Viva Magenta is the color of the year for 2023 according to Pantone

Energetic and powerful, a touch of novelty. Viva Magenta and its ability to detach itself from the "usual red".

This year, Pantone's announcement on the color of 2023 arrived on time: the nuance that will mark next year is “Viva Magenta”: a vibrant and playful shade of red, bold but versatile.

The magenta color, a shade that descends from the family of reds, can be obtained by mixing equal amounts of red and blue, therefore a complementary color of green.

A carmine red capable of combining warm and cold tones

“An unconventional shade for an unconventional time: a new vision”, writes Pantone in the announcement with which he officially introduced the highly anticipated Color of the Year 2023 on social media.

The Pantone color of the year is dynamic and vigorous, a shade rooted in nature that descends from the family of reds and is expressive of a new sign of strength.

After 2022's Very Peri, Viva Magenta exudes a sense of exuberance.

Called “a punch in a velvet glove” by Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, the beauty of Viva Magenta is the ability to playfully position itself on both sides of an apparent dichotomy.

In fact, it is a color bold enough to break the mold while remaining inviting, accessible and surprising in a wide variety of contexts and applications.

It's a gradient crimson red balanced between hot and cold, which makes it what we call a hybrid color”, Eiseman explains, “it's bold, playful, inclusive, a color that can be easily embraced and used”.

In fact, intense pink-red hues have already made their way everywhere, from the catwalks to the metaverse.

Here are some tips to match Viva Magenta and create amazing makeup:

It will dominate all the scenes in any area, but what about makeup, how does it match?

Armocromia experts have associated the Pantone 2023 Viva Magenta color with the armochromatic winter season, thanks to its predominantly cold undertone and its high intensity and which, although more balanced than other nuances, points towards the cold.

Viva Magenta, however, is also good for other seasons such as spring and if it is combined with duller nuances it can be used for any makeup.

How can you combine it with makeup to enhance your look?

The tip is to combine it with shades more suitable for our armochromatic season, playing with mixes and undertones using all the colors of a palette, playing to mix them with other shades that go well with your complexion and your undertone.

To get a vibrating Viva Magenta makeup, you can think of making a monochromatic makeup. You can apply an eyeshadow of a lively and cheerful color in shades of carmine red, powder or liquid, on the entire eyelid and decide to apply and blend it with your fingers or use a soft bristle brush for a diffused effect.

In this case you will get an intense and bright look, but if you prefer a less rock look, turn off the bright color a little and make it suitable even for colder undertones, you can use a coffee brown to spread over the entire eyelid, to be used as a base on which to apply a bright Viva Magenta eyeshadow or a shade that makes the effect less impactful and more chic.

If you are looking for a light point to use inside the eye that recalls the cold reflections of the Pantone 2023 color, you can use an anthracite gray with pearly violet reflections in shades of eggplant and mauve.

The ideal would be to use the gray in the center of the eyelid to warm up the Viva Magenta makeup, or as a base that makes the entire eye makeup tend to the heat by turning it on with metallic reflections.

In fact, shades of gray are also perfect as a base before magenta eyeshadow, they turn off the brightness and turn on the reflections.

Finally, if you love the effect of black eyeliner but are afraid of adding too much intensity to the eye look with Viva Magenta, a useful trick is to use a brown pencil focusing on a spicy nuance.

How to use Viva Magenta on the lips

Of course, lip makeup is the one that lends itself most, with numerous lipsticks and lip pencils with different textures and finishes. Perfect therefore for a lip makeup, but Viva Magenta is a shade that lends itself, as we have seen, also for an eye makeup.

For a lip makeup, you can focus on a matte texture and combine it with a shimmer eye makeup.

If you want to focus everything only on the lips, then the secret is to enhance them with the help of a pencil.

The point to enhance and define is Cupid's bow: you have to create a light point exactly there with the use of an illuminant, or you can outline it with the help of a pearl or satin ivory pencil. Finally, embellish everything with a glam touch of lip gloss to be applied to the center of the lips after the lipstick. The wow effect is guaranteed!

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