The 10 best makeup trends to try in Fall 2023

All the newest trends to be inspired by, from eye makeup to lip makeup, with many style ideas and tips. Intense lipsticks and smokey eyes. 🍂🍂🍂

Fall has arrived, and it's time to take inspiration from the looks of the catwalks and the social pages of celebrities. If you want to keep up with new trends, we've put together the 10 best trends you absolutely must try.

In this article you will find a selection of the best makeup products and seasonal news to best interpret, or in your own way, the trends of the moment. To make it easier to get a clean, natural-looking base that will make all these looks look strange, you'll want to start with a great skincare routine.

From fun and bold to dark and dramatic, all the way to sober and elegant

Leaving behind summer with makeup trends in warm, bright and pastel tones, we prepare for the coldest season with the Fall 2023 new makeup trends.

Some makeup trends that marked the previous season, such as latte makeup or bon-ton look, will keep us company again this Fall. Saturated colors, dark colors, voluminous lips and super glowy amaranth color will make their way.

So here are our top 10 Fall makeup trends 2023.

1. Makeup base: glowing skin

The face base will be bright and light, second skin effect. Transparent and radiant: the face base will be glowy and natural, perfect to highlight your natural beauty. The luminous skin will still be present and will confirm the perfect base for all types of makeup, not only for the minimal and “slicked back” effect to which we are used to seeing it combined.

The essential products for this purpose are light foundations. The skin will also be radiant thanks to a thorough skincare routine, which must always be present in your beauty routine. Find out how to get glowing skin with our top tips and check out our blog to learn all the tricks for a perfect beauty routine.

Foundation, concealers, and BB cream will definitely help you achieve this simple look.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is a lightweight foundation that does not fade, for 16 hours of comfort and a brightness at maximum power.

It immediately gives a long-lasting luminous finish: extraordinarily easy to blend for an imperceptible and natural result.

2. Face makeup

If you prefer a matte finish or a heavier cover, the second place, among the bases for makeup this Fall, is represented by soft focus skin.

Created with nuanced formulas that hide imperfections for a thinner version of airbrush makeup. These products, in addition to having a filling and uniforming effect, would also be able to give greater shine to the face.

Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, with a delicate illuminating effect, pleasantly evens out the skin tone, but without the mask effect, perfectly hiding imperfections.

The lightweight formula spreads perfectly, becoming your second skin. If these are the effects you want to achieve in your everyday makeup, buy the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur now!

If you prefer a more natural effect, you can try a BB cream with colored SPF, perfect for those who forget to put the SPF.

This Exuviance mineral sunscreen protects against UV rays and evens out the complexion, while the added vitamin E and green tea extract provide additional antioxidant protection against free radicals.

In addition, the PHAs contained in the formula gently exfoliate for long-lasting radiance.

3. Smokey eyes grunge

The eyeliner or black eyeshadow, still remains an undisputed protagonist to try this Fall 2023.

After the great success of graphic makeup, a deliberately inaccurate and worn-looking makeup makes its way. This look is perfect when you are short on time.

Smokey eyes grunge is a classic that is becoming increasingly popular as a makeup trend Fall – Winter 2023-24: in this case, the smokey eyes are intentionally “smudged” and shaded. But be careful not to exceed too much with the effect. If black is too dark for you, you can also opt for brown, which is also a trendy color for a Fall makeup.

4. Cacao Eyes

Among the Fall 2023 eye makeup trends, an elegant eye makeup to be made with a few products: Cacao Eyes, where the light point is concentrated in the central part of the mobile eyelid, while the darker eyeshadow is spread at the corners.

The trend launched by Natasha Divo is inspired by the palette of browns to create a super glamorous and refined smokey eyes. It is a very light smokey eyes in shades of brown.

To realize the new trend you will only need matte and shimmer eyeshadows, a brown pencil, a mascara, and brushes to blend. Even a little concealer does not hurt, to clean up the edges once the drawing is finished. This intense look will be a great protagonist of Fall makeup.

5. Glittery eye makeup

The metallic look, especially in silver, is back in fashion and can not miss even on the eyes. Metallic eyeshadows are among the Fall makeup trends 2023: the eye becomes the absolute protagonist of makeup. Whether it's your obsession with glitter or the return of metallic making their way as Christmas or New Year's Eve approaches, glittery eye makeup is definitely trending for Fall 2023.

You can decide to opt for a classic silver eyeshadow, like the one worn by Gigi Hadid at this year's Met Gala, or try the tones of gold or jewelry also according to your complexion or according to your clothing.

6. Lipstick: Red lips

Red lipsticks are also a classic of makeup trends for Fall. This year's trend is berry lips: a fascinating mix of purple and red, reminiscent of the color of berries or cherry.

The berry lips were shown off on the catwalk, both in matte version and with a glossy finish. Trendy lips are never lacking in Fall, when the cooler weather makes us crave the boldest and darkest choices that seemed too heavy for summer.

Always choose the shade of red according to your complexion and your look. If full-coverage matte lips seem a little too dramatic, don't worry: you can try a lip tint, a colored gloss or a satin lipstick with beveled edges to make the colors less bright.

SMALL TIP: when you apply a red or dark red color on the lips, it would be useful to use a lip pencil of the same color, to have a well-defined outline and avoid smudges. In order for the color on the lips to be homogeneous, also with the lip pencil you can go to correct the areas where the color appears more off.

7. Pink shades

In case of Fall accentuated eye makeup, you can select a more discreet makeup for the other areas of the face. On cheekbones and lips, for example, you can pick delicate shades of pink.

An unexpected color, but apt for Fall – Winter 2023/24 is pink. It fades on the eyelids, on the lower rim of the eye and on the lips. The shades to experiment with are the most diverse, from pastel pink, to fuchsia to Barbie pink.

8. Latte Makeup

Transfer this summer trend of TikTok viral makeup to Fall. With its layering of brown shades, it fits perfectly into the Fall's warm and cozy tones.

It's also the perfect trend for those who prefer a more minimal or monochromatic look and don't plan to try abstract eyes anytime soon. For more tips on how to recreate this celebrity-approved trend, check out our blog on how to get the look.

9. Goth soft

The term romantic goth identifies an overall look that combines makeup, hairstyle, and outfits. A Fall makeup in dark shades, with dark eyes and black lips in perfect goth style is combined with romantic details such as braids, ribbons on the hair or cheeky collars.

For a spookier Fall look, you'll love the soft goth makeup trend, inspired by Jenna Ortega's character in Tim Burton's Wednesday or in real life on celebrities like Billie Eilish. The soft goth look is characterized by a clean and minimal face makeup, with smoky eyes or dark eyeliner, nude or shiny lips and, to liven it all up, a touch of light on the eyes.

This look is perfect to get into the Halloween atmosphere without the harshness of many gothic tricks, and we love it.

10. Eyebrows: laminated and fluffy

This Fall makeup look is inspired by the lamination of eyebrows, but without having to undergo the treatment or have the “glued” look that lamination creates.

Simpler and more natural, this eyebrow trend only requires brushing up the eyebrows with a powerful eyebrow gel and filling the voids with an eyebrow pencil. Perfect for this look is the Benefit Gimme Brow.

For sparser eyebrows, you could also use an eyebrow powder to achieve a denser and darker result.

Makeup trends offer us a fun and expressive way to update our look and stay abreast of the beauty trends of the moment. Now go and have fun experimenting!


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